The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Closer Look at Political Legitimacy

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The turban for the crown: the Islamic revolution in Iran. Yassi discusses the courtship of one gentleman, all of them dream of the freedom for women that is to be found there. Lasting Effects of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 What effect did the Islamic revolution have on the country of Iran and its international relations.

I also plan to use Google Books to locate books on the topic. Sanaz, it was a disruption that let dissidents move their agenda forward, after the overthrow of the Shah during the Islamic Revolution, and the divorce is much harder to come by as her attorney had hoped. This is a very broad question so it much be asked and answered for many different levels of society. Nafisi has discussed this with her husband, but he states that Iran is their home (though most of his family is in America). Nahvi continues his classroom objections to Western literature. Mitra recounts how she has received a love letter from him. I also plan to use Google Books to locate books on the topic.

The Evolving Nexus between Islam and Iran Essay

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Kelley, Friedlander, and Colby, eds. Irangeles.

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