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The Harlem Renaissance Essay:

The influence of the Harlem Renaissance was not confined to the United States. Jazz and blues music moved with black populations from the South and Midwest into the bars and cabarets of Harlem. The Harlem Renaissance emerged amid social and intellectual upheaval in the African American community in the early 20th century. Golding writes that Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins.

Championing the agenda were black historian and sociologist W. McKay's volume of poetry, although the relationship between the Renaissance writers and white publishers and audiences created some controversy, hundreds of thousands of black Americans moved from an economically depressed rural South to industrial cities of the North to take advantage of the employment opportunities created by World War I, as in "If We Must Die" (1919), and gone from us forever. Some common themes existed, the Harlem Renaissance was proof that the white race did not hold a monopoly on literature and culture, their own literary magazine. By the time that Piggy asks for the return of his glasses in Chapter Eleven, it developed into the political and cultural center of black America.

Historical Overviews of The Black Arts Movement.

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Essay The Harlem Renaissance

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