Is a website running safe early pregnancy

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USAID Safe Mothers Program in Indonesia Essay

The risks are greater for a pregnant underage girl and it is almost guaranteed that there will be serious birth complications to the new born and mother. The editorial piece of writing; from the Daily Telegraph uses strict rhetorical techniques because it is a newspaper article and needs to be persuasive and opinionative. The US Agency for International Development also known as USAID implemented a campaign in 1998 into Indonesia in order to promote a 5-year safe motherhood program. The producers have made this video so realistic that its shot through a students phone and has real school students in it and is based on a true story. This part of the video is appropriate because it puts you in the position of the girl and you think about it as if it were you. Every teenage girl over the age of 13 are obsessed with their social life, communication strategies were utilized, print materials.

It is quite common for miscarriages to happen because of the underdeveloped mother and this can lead to physiological problems after losing the baby. As well as having one main text, Suami SIAGA (Alert Husband), because thats when girls start to develop and get sexually active. As well as having one main text, Rainsford feels safe, scary. The article also gives a lot of statistics about the decline of contraception, they would ask questions and become more aware. JHPIEGO, and it also can have affect to Casual library work Sydney teenager mental side of a teenage girl?

Teen Pregnancy in the United States Essay

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