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+4Which F500 Entry Level Job to Take?I am currently trying to decide between two different fortune 500 offers currently, and I am struggling to come to a decision. Here are the two offers: JCPenney: this one is an <span class='keyword_link'><a...2111 hours 8 min ago
+4Finished FLDP, now what?I finished a 2 year <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/finance-development-programs-an-overview-of-acclerated-corporate-finance-careers-fldps"><abbr title="Finance Leadership Development Program">FLDP</abbr></a></span>...184 days 3 hours ago
+3Corporate Development WACC MethodI'm curious to see how other Corporate Development shops calculate <abbr title="weighted average cost of capital">WACC</abbr>. I personally have worked in two different Corporate Development groups, one large-cap (>$25-50B, Industrials) and one mid-cap ($2-10B),...163 days 23 hours ago
+2More enjoyable: FP&A vs. TreasuryAnyone have experience in one or both that can chime in? Currently in FP&A now and it feels like a churn and a grind relatively often. Thinking treasury might be a more enjoyable next step with a still fairly decent career path. Thoughts?291 week 3 days ago
+2Highest paying industries for corporate finance?What are the highest paying industries for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/finance-development-programs-an-overview-of-acclerated-corporate-finance-careers-fldps">corporate finance</a></span>? Ie as in tech, defense, CPG, and media233 weeks 1 day ago
+2Becoming stuck or 'type casted' in a certain industryHello all. So I’m a <abbr title="Certified Public Accountant">CPA</abbr> looking to expand my career into FP&A. (I currently have a role that does financial reporting and financial analyst work.) I may have an opportunity to land an FP&A role for a large...102 weeks 1 day ago
+2I have no idea how to startI finished high school in another country and moved here. I started working in a restaurant just to cover my bills and focused on classes thinking it would be enough. however, I never did an internship or got any experience in my field, and I am graduating next semester. I don't know where...104 days 7 hours ago
+2Future of the business world- CS or finance?Monkeys You know, AI is so damn powerful that <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">McKinsey</a></span> said a lot of jobs will be replaced by AI or robots in 2030. Lawyers, accountants and financial...65 days 6 hours ago
+2Job offers which would you choose?I'm going to try to make this as unbiased as possible, and if you can give me your opinion on which job offer you would take that would be really helpful. Some key pointers before I begin are: - My family currently lives in Miami, and if I worked there as well I could potentially have...214 hours 14 min ago
+21st year FLDP - thinking about quitting the program. Help please.Hi everyone, Just as the title states, I'm thinking about quitting the program soon. A little about myself: I graduated from a non-target university with a average GPA with a degree in Finance. Like a lot of fellow students, i didn't really know what i wanted to do with my life....213 weeks 1 day ago
+1Just had a 30 minute phone interview for an internship this summer that ran 10 minutes short. Did I mess up?Phone interview was supposed to be 30 minutes at the maximum. It lasted for 20 minutes. Is that bad? I guess I am overthinking it...514 hours 16 min ago
+1Comcast Finance Internship RecruitmentSo I interviewed with Comcast last Thursday for their finance internship in Philadelphia. The interview was over the phone and took about 20 minutes. Im wondering if anyone else who has applied/interviewed for the position has heard back. HR told me they were planning on taking 40 interns and...23 weeks 1 day ago
+1KPMG Infrastructure AdvisoryHi all, I've recently went for an interview with the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/kpmg">KPMG</a></span> Infrastructure Advisory office in Singapore. It seemed that they really liked me and so I'm fairly confident of securing...218 hours 19 min ago
+1how to use linkedin to land corporate banking analyst roleHey guys, I was just curious to see if anyone has any useful tips in using platforms like linked-in as a leverage for networking to gain at least access to interviews of (CB) Corporate banking roles or other roles of similar nature. I am currently a 24-year-old graduate with a MSc in banking...22 days 2 hours ago
+1JP Morgan Rotational Finance Program - InternshipHi everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well. I was offered a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer internship</a></span> with <span class='keyword_link'><a...22 weeks 1 day ago
+1Commercial Banking Exit OpportunitiesI am sure that this has been brought up several times on this thread, but I am in the process of helping my girlfriend transition out of Commercial Banking. She's a Credit Analyst within Corporate Banking at a mid-tier, yet large regional bank. Frankly, she's completely...25 days 9 hours ago
+1Corporate Social ResponsibilityGreat info- I think anyone who’s worked for a larger corporation will appreciate this post and understand how important it is to be a winning company!12 weeks 2 days ago
+1Bloomberg Video Interview-2018 summer InternshipHi, I just received Bloomberg's video interview request and wondering if anyone have done it in the past and what kind of questions will be asked. Thanks!13 weeks 3 days ago
+1Sumitomo Mitsui Corporate Banking AnalystI have an interview for an analyst position at the SM Corporate Banking group in Los Angeles this Thursday. Just wondering if anyone could share insight on their process/interviews/reputation. Thanks!13 weeks 5 days ago
+1Do many summer interns live in student housing?I've heard of companies lodging their summer interns in downtown student housing. It would be great to live with interns from other companies. Anyone ever do that or heard of this? 12 weeks 1 day ago
+1Investment thesis: structure and contentHello, for some time now I have been looking for examples or guidlines for a good investment thesis for corporate <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> or <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> deals. So far, I have only found...11 week 6 days ago
+1Citi Commercial Banking RouteHi I have an interview with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/citigroup">Citi</a></span> coming up to join their Commercial Banking Analyst Program. The 2 options I was given is to interview for Client Coverage group or Cash Management and...11 week 3 days ago
+1JP Morgan Global Finance and Business Management ProgramI was offered a position in this program, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it with regards to exit opportunities, what you do, etc...?12 weeks 5 days ago
+1What exactly do Corporate Brokers do?So I'm considering applying to this <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> firm and they have a position in a department called '<span class='keyword_link'><a...11 week 4 days ago
+1FP&A superday, how to prepare?I have my first <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/tag/superday">superday</a></span> coming up in a couple days for a F200 entry level FP&A role. Since this is my first one I'm not really sure what to expect. They told me they're...14 days 5 hours ago