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+48The Other Road: Corporate Development Associate Fielding Questions<em>Mod note: <strong><a href="/faq/what-are-the-best-qa-threads-and-interviews-with-top-finance-professionals-on-wso ">Click here</a></strong> to see all of our q&a's and interviews</em><P> Given the...2881 year 8 months ago
+31Foster Care to Strategic Finance: My StoryI saw a couple of my story posts, and thought it would be good to share mine since I come from a very nontraditional background. I saw another post in outline form and liked it, so mine will mimic that. <h3>The beginning:</h3> * I was placed in foster care at three months...158 months 5 days ago
+29AMA - Alternative Path to F100 Corporate Strategy w/ Exit DetailsTook a different path to Corporate Strategy and have since exited (see below). AMA. * Grew up in suburb of tier 2 US city * Underachieved in HS – B student (generous), ~1200 SAT, lazy * Pretty good at basketball, helped me get into top 20 college – WHEW * OMG COLLEGE...298 months 6 days ago
+19Corporate Development: my experiences and background<strong>Background</strong> I started my career in <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr> (<span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB"><abbr title="bulge...556 months 3 weeks ago
+13Corporate Finance Q&A with accountingbyday, BJM85, STorIB, and djfiii<em>mod note: this very informative q&a was originally posted on 2/12/12</em> <a name="top"></a> UPDATE 2/22/12: Over 20 questions and 50 responses added so far, keep 'em coming! I also took the bold away from the questions by popular...1374 years 9 months ago
+14Guide to Corporate Finance Job titles- distinguishing between accounting and financeGiven all the discussion and mixed information on <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/finance-development-programs-an-overview-of-acclerated-corporate-finance-careers-fldps">corporate finance</a></span> jobs, I thought I would start a discussion...273 years 4 days ago
+12Cost Estimators: The Bankers of the Construction IndustryRecently guys I have started a career in the construction industry as a project manager and cost estimator for a local company (boutique) and have seen the underlying similarities to the bankers of the financial world. It's also a career most finance and business guys haven't heard...291 year 1 week ago
+125 things I wish I had known when I was a business undergrad...I graduated from one of the top 10 undergraduate business schools in the US with a 3.85/4.0 GPA, an honors degree with a double major and a minor, and an offer to work at one of the top 10 Fortune Global 500 companies. I thought I was a badass and was ready to conquer the world and take over...231 year 3 weeks ago
+10Your job is going to be relatively mindless, repetitive, and dull.<em> Mod Note: This comment was posted in rensponse to this post: <a href="/forums/help-pissed-in-big-4-audit">HELP- Pissed in Big 4 Audit</a>, received a ton of silver bananas, and deserved to go up on the homepage by itself...203 years 9 months ago
+9Corporate Development Manager - Q&A<em>Mod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top AMA's from 2015, this one was originally posted 10/28/2015.</em> Reading through @Harvardgrad08"'s posts I think this type of contribution is extremely helpful in de-mystifying certain...361 month 1 week ago
+9AMA: Corporate Strategy Manager at F100 Entertainment Company (came from Non-MBB Management Consulting)I've been a Corporate Strategy manager at a large F100 studio (not Disney) for about a year now (and it's had its ups and downs). Just figured there isn't too much information on here about corporate strategy paths from non-<span class='keyword_link'><a...217 months 4 weeks ago
+8What are some of the cushier roles in Corporate ($125-150K/year and ~45 hours/week average)?what types of roles are good/what should you shoot for if you are being honest with yourself and really only care for a middle-class lifestyle and value time >> money?863 months 3 weeks ago
+6The truth about GE's FMP (it's accounting; forget banking)My two cents about GE's Financial Management Program, the two-year, four-rotation program of General Electric. The very first thing you must bear in mind about the GE FMP is that it’s about accounting. Forget investment banking, capital markets, private equity, or anything even only...2463 years 7 months ago
+8Corporate Treasury VP taking questionsHi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr>, In case anyone is interested in learning more about the Corporate Treasury function of large banks (i.e. nature of work, recruitment process, exit opps, comp etc.), I'm here to take some questions. 298 months 3 weeks ago
+8Guide to building a successful career at ONE company: Internal NetworkingI just came out of a networking experienced hire event at my company and thought it would be good to share some thoughts on internal networking (specifically for Corporate Finance, but industry in general). I haven't seen anything on this site about this and I guess it makes sense, being...186 months 1 week ago
+7AMA - Top Tech / Media Corporate Development AssociateSome of you might know that i recently switched into corporate development after doing ~3 years of banking and getting promoted to associate. I'm a couple months in, but can answer any questions you may have Update 2/21/17: We recently completed a $200 million acquisition and are now...5911 months 1 day ago
+7Corporate Finance Analyst at F100 Tech AMAThought I would give back to the community a little and post an AMA! About me: Financial Analyst at a big name F100 tech company. Graduated in 2015 with a finance degree from a well regarded school. I have worked in my current role for ~2 years, so figured I could field some...491 month 3 weeks ago
+6AMA: Non-target --> 2x SA at BB --> FinTech Corp Dev --> Corp Dev at a large companyHello everyone, A few months ago I came to this board with a really tough dilemma and you guys helped me see it through. I now want to pay it forward as I know that people are getting increasingly interested in corporate development/ <span class='keyword_link'><a...341 year 7 months ago
+6The Forgotten Cousin of Finance: Commercial InsuranceSo I have thought about doing something over this field for quite awhile but didn't know how much to go into and whatever. Depending on the response I will depends on whether I will expand further. I really wanted to talk about the position of Commercial Underwriter. Specifically...141 year 11 months ago
+5FLDP Q&A (Most questions answered)Good morning all, I've spent a lot of time on this site, and asked quite a few questions myself, so I figured I'd do my part to give back by answering any questions you might have about <span class='keyword_link'><a...1081 year 10 months ago
+6harvardgrad08's The Other Road: Q&A Word DocI found it burdensome to scroll through all of the pages in the "The Other Road: Corporate Development Associate Fielding Questions" thread to find harvardgrad08's responses to everyone's questions, so I copied and pasted all of his posts (as of 3/28/13) into one Word...34 years 8 months ago
+6Corporate Rotational/Leadership Development Programs and Entry Level CareersThis list has been removed, sorry for the inconvenience.934 months 2 weeks ago
+5Plant Controller at a F500 - Ask me anything<em>Mod Note (Andy): Interview/AMA Tuesday! To see our full list of interviews/AMA's, check out <strong><a href="/faq/what-are-the-best-qa-threads-and-interviews-with-top-finance-professionals-on-wso">this...5110 months 1 week ago
+5Is Corporate Development Underrated? As I've been researching the <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr> industry, I've noticed that corporate development is mentioned less frequently compared to <abbr title="private equity ">PE</abbr> and <span...417 months 3 weeks ago
+5MBA Internship Recruiting - Corporate Development/Strategy AMAHave received a lot of info off of this site and this forum in particular, so thought I would give back. I know the <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration ">MBA</abbr> landscape and CD/BD/<abbr title="Credit Suisse ">CS</abbr> roles can be a...294 months 3 weeks ago
+5AMA: Corporate Development at a Mid-Cap Pharma Company<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr> has been instrumental in helping me break into this role so I want to offer some of my insights to anyone else who's looking to break into the industry. Brief background: Graduated last December from a target school and...201 week 4 days ago
+5Final version: LDPs/rotations listEDIT: removed, sorry folks183 years 4 months ago
+5List of Transferable Skills in Corporate FinanceLast week, I posted this article <a href="/forums/should-i-reconsider-an-og-career-due-to-low-oil-prices">"Should I reconsider an O&G career due to low oil prices?"</a> regarding whether or not you should reconsider a <span...121 year 11 months ago
+8Work to live, not live to work. Low-stress finance jobs...What are some roles with a combination of: Lifestyle (9-5) Decent pay ($125K in high COL region) Relatively low stress (limited fire drills, limited risk or potential for major mistakes) Demand (not super niche, potential to work in a relatively wide range of industries and...512 months 3 weeks ago
+4Lifestyle & Hours in Corporate FinanceWe've heard so much in this forum about the lifestyle and hours in <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr>/<abbr title="private equity ">PE</abbr>/<span class='keyword_link'><a...516 months 1 week ago
+4Finished Busy Season in B4 Audit: AMAHi all, I'm about done wrapping up my busy season and as such, I'm open to answering any questions people may have about working in Big 4 audit as a first year. I know some senior associates have done an AMA, but I haven't seen one for first years, so if anyone wants to learn...462 years 8 months ago
+4AMA: Corporate Strategy Manager at pre-IPO tech startupHi everyone - <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr> has been a tremendously helpful part of my career planning process over the past few years & I wanted to give back. I've been in this role for about a year now. Previously was in <span...274 months 3 weeks ago
+4Relationships while establishing yourselfHello everyone, I was curious to know how you feel about getting into a relationship or being with someone while trying to establish a career. What if that person does not have the same aspirations, but is a great individual? More importantly, if you really care about that person and she...243 years 5 months ago
+4Corporate Banking in MongoliaHi guys, I work in Mongolia as a corporate banker. I thought it would be interesting for you guys to know about how we in Mongolia work. As you might expect, it isn't that sophisticated and is rather pretty straight-forward and simple. The Banking sector in Mongolia: We have 13...193 years 11 months ago
+4Finished FLDP, now what?I finished a 2 year <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/finance-development-programs-an-overview-of-acclerated-corporate-finance-careers-fldps"><abbr title="Finance Leadership Development Program">FLDP</abbr></a></span>...183 days 9 hours ago
+4What's your largest professional accomplishment?I was curious what everyone viewed as their largest professional accomplishment? I'm nearing 30 years of age and I have developed a wholistic understanding of what drives the business I work for. I've cut a couple of million in annual operating expense for our parent company...1110 months 2 weeks ago
+4Zero debt cap structure - Why? Real world considerations.I just came across the following WSJ blog entry that refers to the SAP investor presentation. For those of you who are not familiar with SAP – it is a very big multinational software company (predominantly...118 months 1 week ago
+4Interview with a Forecasting Analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): user Angelz629 was nice enough to do this interview with us. Our questions are in bold, her responses follow.</em> <strong>What is your current job title and a one sentence description of your primary job responsibility? </strong> Forecasting...101 year 10 months ago
+4How I Landed a FDP Offer from an Unknown SchoolLet me first begin by saying that for most of my time in college, getting into a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/finance-development-programs-an-overview-of-acclerated-corporate-finance-careers-fldps"><abbr title="Finance Leadership Development...82 years 3 weeks ago
+3Wells Fargo Finance Analyst ProgramDid anyone else get invited to the first round phone interview for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/wells-fargo-and-company">Wells Fargo</a></span>'s Finance Analyst Program?331 month 1 week ago
+3AMA - Corp Dev (F500) with a non-traditional background and b schoolAMA - I work in corporate development at a professional services company (Fortune 500) in <abbr title="New York City ">NYC</abbr>. My career path to corp dev is non-traditional and didn't involve <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr> but may...302 years 1 month ago
+3Bad ValuationAnyone ever been on the buy-side of an acquisition, in which you over-valued the target's value? Today I had to meet with accounting/finance/B.I. of company I work at to discuss reasons why I messed up on an acquisition. The acquisition closed a few months ago, and we are just now realizing...191 year 2 months ago
+3Corporate Development WACC MethodI'm curious to see how other Corporate Development shops calculate <abbr title="weighted average cost of capital">WACC</abbr>. I personally have worked in two different Corporate Development groups, one large-cap (>$25-50B, Industrials) and one mid-cap ($2-10B),...163 days 5 hours ago
+3Which F500 Entry Level Job to Take?I am currently trying to decide between two different fortune 500 offers currently, and I am struggling to come to a decision. Here are the two offers: JCPenney: this one is an <span class='keyword_link'><a...163 days 12 hours ago
+3Breaking in to ManagementIt's my opinion that two of the biggest milestones in a corporate career are 1) getting your first corporate job, and 2) jumping from "individual contributor" to management. Why? These milestones both seem to require "prior experience": you can't get a job without...164 months 1 week ago
+3New to Corp Dev, seeking adviceHi champs, I am 3 years out of college and have been working in analytics/corp fin/strategy. I took a few accounting & finance classes in school (contemplated a career in banking back then but never made the cut) and have friends working in banking, so I know excel, the lingos, concepts,...141 year 2 months ago
+3Exiting from Corporate Development<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr> Community, I'm finishing up my first year at a private ~Fortune 500 company in their corporate development group (M&A, <abbr title="venture capital ">VC</abbr> investments, some JVs, board...62 months 2 weeks ago
+35 Things you should never stop doingI've been working at a F500 company since my college graduation (8 years ago), and just recently, I decided that it was time to look outside to see what else is out there and also to see how much someone with my years of experience and skills is worth. As I was researching jobs,...51 year 10 months ago
+3AMA : Actuary to Big4 Consulting to CorpDev, at age 30A year ago I promised to do an AMA when I complete my first deal so here we are. This is Asia experience so may not be applicable to North America, but why not? Education: International student went to a Midwest non-target undergraduate program (BigTen but not...42 months 3 weeks ago
+2All about Treasury/ Corporate Treasury! Hello Everyone, I searched through the forum and could not find much structured info about treasury. So wish to compile scattered info about treasury. Anything from what is treasury? entry barriers, how to be a treasurer, salaries, best organizations to work with, exit options, relevant...778 months 4 weeks ago