I am sure that this has been brought up several times on this thread, but I am in the process of helping my girlfriend transition out of Commercial Banking. She's a Credit Analyst within Corporate Banking at a mid-tier, yet large regional bank. Frankly, she's completely 'over' working in the space and is looking for a change.

Excluding IB, if anyone can comment on some interesting career paths for ex-Commercial Banking credit analysts with 3-4 years worth of experience, that would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, anything in the FinTech/Start Up world would be welcomed.



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Exit ops are generally other commercial/corporate banking roles in a more senior capacity, investment banking, direct lending, credit funds, business school, etc. Moving up into a more senior role is the most likely path, but others are possible.

In the fintech/startup space, she could look into peer-to-peer lending. That space continues to develop and often looks towards people with lending backgrounds.

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