Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis Investment Banking Resume Template for undergraduate students, used by the WSO paid service and thousands of candidates to successfully land a job in investment banking.

For those of you looking to make sure your CV format is clean and your investment banking resume is polished, we have a great sample resume you can now use free of charge (attached to this post below). We know how competitive internship applications and summer analyst positions are nowadays, so we're hoping this gives you an even bigger edge in recruiting.

After seeing members consistently reference other resume templates in the public resume review forum (which are good but inferior in our opinion), we have decided to release the WSO resume template for free to the public. This is the same CV template we use in all of our WSO resume reviews with experienced finance professionals.

To be honest, we were a bit hesitant to release this at first. Access to this formatted resume is typically granted only to our resume review clients. However, we decided to go ahead because we add a ton of additional value in the review process to prepare your resume so it's ready for the most competitive industries.

This particular banking resume sample is for undergraduates and is not intended for experienced hires. Go to this link if you are looking for an investment banking resume template with deal experience.

Investment Banking Resume Bullets

Believe it or not, it's easy to mess up the bullet points on your resume. First, we recommend you don't put periods at the end of your bullet points. If you absolutely must, you can use periods. Feel free. The most important thing is to be consistent. But it's preferred that you leave your bullets without periods. As for length of the bullet points, here are two tips from @FailedPrayer:

My general rules are:
  • Keep bullet points at a max of 2 lines; ideal would be 1.5 lines
  • Make sure spacing is solid and that your bullet points hit the how/why/what/result

Another thing to consider is sub-bullets. Including sub-bullets in your resume is something you have to be 100% confident in. If it's just something you're doing for the sake of having a "different" resume, then avoid it.

Here's one good scenario for the use of sub-bullets: if you are describing transaction experience in an internship. Essentially, if you have to go into more detail to discuss something that is highly relevant to investment banking, then it's worth considering using sub-bullets. Be wary, however, because going into too much detail can cause clutter and get you dinged. Here's a nice explanation of why sub-bullets are beneficial when used correctly, from the recruiter's perspective of @MrAppleseed.

I like them BECAUSE they look odd. Those three items really jump out -- which is due to the fact that you used long dashes as your second bullet type. I often use long dashes (over commas or for bullet points) if I want to draw attention to something on my resume. If I'm a recruiter and quickly scanning the resume, this list (and the first bullet they are under) are the second part of the resume I will read (after education). This is definitely a good thing as it's an impressive part of your investment banking experience.

Investment Banker Resume Content

Now it's time to talk about what goes into those bullet points. Fret not! While the content of your bullet points matter, the most important thing is that you don't fudge anything up in terms of formatting and grammar.

Here's a quote from @DontMakeMeShortYou that should put you at ease.

We look for errors and general content. We don't really care whether you fine-tuned each and every bullet. More concerned about where you worked, in what role, and how you performed; extracurriculars; and GPA.

That isn't to say that your bullets don't matter or that you can half-ass them. You still absolutely need to take care of your bullet points. They should show that you have relevant experience and are capable for the job. Additionally, they will come up during the interview, so you should know them like the back of your hand.

As long as you format properly and don't fudge the grammar/spelling, your bullet points will suffice.

Resume Tense - Past or Present?

The main thing to focus on here is consistency. There are two options here:

  1. Use past tense throughout the entire resume. The reasoning here is that your resume is a summary of everything you've done.
  2. Use past tense to describe past experiences and present tense to describe what you're currently doing. The reasoning here is self-explanatory; past experiences use past tense while current experiences use present.

Both options are totally acceptable, which is why it's up to you to choose which you prefer.

Investment Banker Resume Format

A poorly formatted resume will get thrown out. Think about it. A good amount of your time as an investment banker will be spent formatting, so what does it say about you if you can't properly format your own resume?
Lucky for you, you don't have to worry about formatting half as much as other candidates because our template does that for you.

Font Size

As an undergraduate, you won't have as much experience to present that relates to investment banking. That's okay. Unless you have a lot of experience, clubs, etc., that you want to include, we recommend reducing 5-20% of the content. Once you do this, you can bump up your font by a point or two. This eliminates clutter while still presenting a good amount of content.

The "Additional Information" Section on Your Resume

This is a section that you need to edit to best fit what you have to include. Don't have any modeling experience? Delete that line. No computer skills to show off? Same thing applies. Tailor this area of the resume to highlight your strengths beyond finance.

Two Do's and a Don't for Your Resume

Three more miscellaneous tidbits of wisdom from @blackice for your Resume.

  • Do: Be Ready to Defend Everything on Your Resume.
    This should be a given, but people seem to fuck this up every day. If you write hang-gliding in your interests section and then I ask you about it, you better damn well be able to speak to hang-gliding. Otherwise, it undermines everything else on the page.
  • Do: Start Your Resume Early!
    These things take hours and hours to perfect. Many people think you can just sit down in an hour and bang out a perfect resume, but that is simply not the case. It takes time to get right. Do not wait to start until the day before the job posting.
  • Don't: Put "Founded Investment Banking Club" on Your Resume. Just Don't Do It.

Interested in Investment Banking - Breaking In

The fact of the matter is you won't improve unless you practice. To have any chance at the technical questions, you need to prepare yourself with legitimate questions. The freeminimalist investment banking interview course is designed by countless professionals with real world experience, tailored to help you break into investment banking by acing the technical questions.

IB Interview Course Here

A couple of quick notes:

  • Please feel free to share this post and pass it along to friends
  • If you're looking for our resume for experienced Investment Banking professionals or a private equity resume template, click here.
  • Remember, if you are looking for real finance professionals to help you structure and word your resume bullets and experiences, please consider our industry leading resume editing service, specifically targeted towards investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, trading, management consulting and other finance resumes. Our testimonials speak for themselves: freeminimalist.ru/wso-finance-resume-review :-)

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Investment Banking Interview Course


top:GS, ms, Lazard, Evercore, pjt, Moelis
topb: jp, top groups at other bb, Greenhill, centerview, pwp

mid: cs, baml, Citi
midb: barcap

bottom: DB, UBS, Jefferies, houlihan

no you are not bb or elite boutique: Wells Fargo, RBC, BMO, William Blair, piper, guggen, Baird


Thanks for doing this. Will share with friends but will definitely give you guys credit and refer them here.

Alright, Alright, Alright...


Thanks iSlice


Awesome. I believe this will help me lot to make same resume.




Thank you very much!


Thank you WSO!
Seems quite similar to mergers and inquisitions template.


You mean M&I template looks very similar to ours since we've been doing resume reviews longer? ;-)

I'd agree it's not too far off since both use best practices (both of us I'm sure have access to the templates that many of the BB bankers have used for years before WSO was even around). Although I would say our template is much more space efficient along the top of the resume and the default font is slightly smaller.

As a warning, this template is close to the absolute maximum you would want on the page and in practice, we try to scale it back ~5-10%, focus on the best points to give the resume a bit more white space, a bit larger margins and breathing room.



Met with a recruiter last night and literally switched my resume 10 minutes before leaving with your header style... like you said much more space efficient in comparison to M&I.

Frank Sinatra - "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy."


awesome, glad we could help :-)


Sweet, thanks!

It's hip to be square!


Like the layout, great utilization of space. Will definitely use this from now on

It's hip to be square!


glad you like it ChiSquare


Question: What if I have literally zero work experience, but a bunch of extracurriculars with multiple leadership roles? How would I best represent that on a resume?


Insider Trading:

Question: What if I have literally zero work experience, but a bunch of extracurriculars with multiple leadership roles? How would I best represent that on a resume?

You've never had any job or internship? That's a bit odd unless you are a freshman, but you can just make the leadership section larger and remove the "Work Experience" section....you'll probably have to increase the font by 1 point and increase the margins a bit, but it could work if you are able to put enough ECs and show a lot of initiative on campus...

That being said, you should also definitely be trying to get an internship if you are in college now and tracking the impact you have during that job so you can have really strong bullets that quantify results.


I mean, one of my ecs is technically a "job" that I'm paid to do. But I'm a sophomore at a non-target, but I'll be transferring into a semi-target next year. I haven'd had a job or internship yet, but my double major will allow me to stay an extra year so I will have an extra summer for an internship. Believe me I've been trying! I'll be going abroad this summer since this is the only opportunity I will have to do so.

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it!


Thanks for sharing!


I hope the experienced without deal experience is referring to people who are still trying to break in working in other fields!


yes, exactly...will try to get those posted later today.

The primary difference between this undergrad template and the experienced ones is that education is listed at the bottom, not the top....and obviously, the experienced with deals has a section for listing transaction experience. Will try to get on it asap.


Awesome template. Just one comment though - you should use the .edu email in the resume instead of Gmail, since you are a college student. It looks more formal, especially when lots of folks' gmail address is quite embarrassing.


I really like the top of it, might adopt it on my own resume. Personally, I'd never list more than 3 positions as things tend to get really cluttered past that point. Never understood differentiating between Professional and Leadership Experience either, I'd just combine them into a singular "Work Experience".

However, awesome template and definitely a modern twist on a classic favorite.


The left/right margins in the template aren't the same. Should they be?


yeah, they are custom margins to pull the locations and dates a touch futher right (looks better when you have a longer first bullet that comes under the dates)...although for a template probably best to make margins more uniform, so I just uploaded a new version with the same left and right margins (0.7) and same top and bottom margins (0.5)...again, this resume is a bit crowded and you should not exceed the amount of content that is on this sample...i also changed the e-mail to a fake .edu e-mail so students know to use their school address...

Thanks for the feedback guys :-)


For the first listed work experience, should the last bullet point start with Utilized instead of Utilize?

I know this is just a template but I wasn't sure if it's a typo or there is a reason behind it.


Utilized is correct, but you shouldn't be using this template for the bullets, just for the formatting. The bullets are not that great and just there to show what the resume looks like filled in...


Thanks for the reply. I understand not to use the bullet points. I was just unsure if there was some weird logic behind making one of the bullet points present tense.


wow its weird seeing washu on there since I used to live in STL, but great resume template!


I'm also going to steal the header :D


Wow this is awesome, I'm looking for different jobs!


Get busy living


Great work Patrick and generous to give this out to everyone free of charge.

Masters in Finance HQ - The #1 site for everything related to the MSF degree!


And I just bought the WSO networking guide (that included this) a few hours before you posted this. :(

Quick question though: Would you recommend including your LinkedIn link somewhere in this resume, if so where?

Once I did bad and that I heard ever. Twice I did good and that I heard never.


Better yet, replace the entire resume with a QR code.


Great layout, will definitely use some of it. I am obtaining both a BS in Econ and BBA in Finance (one in b-school and one not), what is the best/proper way to display this on my resume?

Best Response

Thanks for sharing, Patrick. I think many prospective monkeys will find this resume template very helpful. That said, I think you may have been overly harsh in your response to animalz ("projecting your own insecurities"... let's not attack the poster's character!).

Some quick thoughts on the WSO vs. M&I resumes from someone who has been mildly obsessed with resume formatting...

- At a first glance, the WSO resume template looks better. When evaluating a thick stack of resumes, bankers can tell just by glancing which resumes look like a banker resume. Those resumes will get a little more attention becomes it primes the resume screener to take the candidate seriously. The two things I noticed that are most superior about the WSO format is that, from a purely high-level glance, it has (1) tighter margins and (2) a more distinct header. To expand, thick margins, such as the M&I one, convey that you are inexperienced. Doesn't matter if you're not, it just looks that way. And while it's understandable that a college kid may not have as much relevant experience and you don't want to pad your resume with too many BS items, thin margins still convey experience. As for the header, the problem with the M&I header is again, it conveys a lack of experience. Large headers imply you are trying to take up as much space as possible. The other issue is that it is a plain/vanilla header. While this is an appropriate resume header for most jobs, it doesn't, and this is subjective again, look like a banker resume.

- General formatting points: I actually prefer the long divider lines separating the sections, but that is a preference. WSO resume does a nice job with smaller bullet points (the M&I bullet points are huge). WSO also does a nice job reducing the excessive bolding that the M&I format does, especially in the education and bottom section. My personal preference is to only use bold for the section headers and the company/school/organization name. I like keeping the dates in italics (symmetry with the italics of the job title), but to actually unbold the location of the job/activity. Like I mentioned, I just prefer bold items for the most important sections and the location doesn't really factor that high to me. Plus it's already in a pretty distinct location, separated from clutter, so there's no need to bold to make it stand out, it's already easy to read.

- In re: animalz comment, I think two lines of coursework is OK. Based on the length of some of the course names, I'd be surprised if you could fit relevant coursework into one line.

- I like separating the work experience from the activities/leadership experience, similar to the WSO format as opposed to combining them like in M&I. Bankers value professional experience more highly than activities, and I used to find it unnecessarily confusing when activities were mixed in with jobs. For instance, if I see "So-and-So Capital Management" in the work section, I expect it to be a real fund, not a student activity.

- For the bottom miscellaneous section, I think both are more or less fine. Like I said above, I like how WSO doesn't bold everything. I'm not completely sold on some of WSO's category choices, especially the computer section. I know we're supposed to ignore the text, but I don't think the template should potentially mislead a student into saying that they are an "Expert in Excel, PowerPoint, CapitalIQ, Bloomberg". MS Office skills are generally a waste of space and are probably detrimental to put on your resume. Calling yourself an expert would just be the icing on the cake if you want to get laughed at. I might consider replacing "computer" with "skills" or something of the like. Better yet, my personal preference might be just to do three sub-categories: Skills, Certifications, and Interests. Languages and CapIQ/Bloomberg can fit into Skills, while classes and certifications can fit into Certifications. That being said, there's a lot of flexibility to do whatever you want at the bottom section, but I will caution you that it is one of the few sections people look at closely just because it provides a sense of character to your resume.

Hope some of those comments were helpful. Best thing for applicants to do is to take elements that they like from different resumes to make their own. The WSO resume template is a great start for that.

Investment Banking Interview Course

Someone should make a computer program that takes thousands of resumes in varying formats and wording styles and associated data such as which people got first round interviews and which didn't and run complex algorithms to triangulate the perfect resume.


lol, not sure if serious, but we are compiling a pretty massive database of interview insights, company reviews and compensation that gives us cross sectional rich data sets on School, Major, Degree, GPA, Sex, Race, across all companies...some of this aggregated data will be available on the main Company Overview pages in 3-4 weeks (all will be available if you've contributed or are a subscriber), but we're trying to make it useful, so I spent a long time yesterday learning about Bayesian Estimates and how to get a fairly accurate percentile ranking across companies that takes # of votes into account. It's a bit off topic, but I found it interesting and was a bit shocked that Amazon doesn't do this with their 5 star rankings...: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_true_Bayesian_estimate_mean_in_connection_with_the_IMDb_Top_250_ratings

...so while we may be able to tell you what majors and schools (and even race) each company tends to target (on a relative basis of course), we will likely be forced to debate what the "perfect resume" is for a while.


I was being serious...basically the same idea as what you're doing with targeted stats with but with resume formatting "stats". But given the sheer amount of possibilities a computer program would almost definitely be needed, and you would need a ton of resumes to analyze as well as how they fared.

I think there is such a thing as the perfect resume in theory, just like the perfect woman...


yes, although I'd argue the variability in experiences (and subsequent spacing between sections) and naming conventions for various sections would make the # of resumes needed to get anything useful more than the thousands of resumes you see hired across the world in finance every year...you'd have to define and measure formatting on many different levels, run thousands of resumes that got an offer and thousands that didn't and see if a certain variable has a meaningful statistical difference (like margins is probably easiest, but proportional spacing is probably much harder to do but more meaningful...). Interesting to think about for sure...


I think what you would find is that many of the resumes of hired candidates would have similar features, but none of those features would be a particularly strong indication that a candidate will get an interview. Perhaps it would fit under one of those "causation vs. correlation" categories. As in, good candidates will generally always have a nicely formatted resume, but they didn't get the interview because of it. Experience is probably 95% why someone gets an interview and I suspect that if you ran an analysis on that, you would find that most candidates come from target schools, have high GPAs, good leadership experience, and so forth.




Awesome! Great resource.






Thank You


Thanks! Mine looks very similar to it, after having spent obtuse amounts of time fixing and polishing.


Very nice - better than M&I. Not sure why idiots are critiquing the bullets you wrote in probably 10 minutes.

Obviously all the nooby college kids don't have any experience, but for the rock star target kids with a couple boutique and MM banking internships and leadership positions, the "additional information" section should be like 1-2 lines, and I would remove the "relevant coursework" section. Kids with too much white space need that shit on there, but the idea is that the older you get, the more you should focus on work experience bullets.

Good shit.


that's awesome!!!!
can't pass any interview.. hope it helps!!!


Sorry if this has been asked before but I have a couple of questions about your excellent template.

1. I noticed you don't split the deals (and what you did per deal) like the M&I format. What do you recommend if an intern worked on a couple of deals/projects?

2. Not all the bullet points have 'results'. Does this matter? E.g. * Responsible for performing comparable companies and precedent transaction analyses in Excel --> which was included in the pitch book or something would be an example result. Should you include this?

3. In the interests section is it worth expanding a bit rather then just listing the interests e.g. Running vs Running (completed 10km marathon in 2 hours).

Thank you.


Few formatting things:
- in the table under "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" the spacing within the table should be:
Before: 0; After: 0; Line spacing: 0; At: 1.1
* currently it is: Before: 0; After: 3; Line spacing: 0; At: 1.1 which is off from the rest of the resume sections
- maybe it's just me, but I think not having a table under "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" would look more consistent with the rest of the resume. Same goes for not italicizing "skills, modeling, computer, certifications, interests" (previously you only italicized the position and dates)
- Just plain "Modeling" sounds a bit strange, can this be changed to "financial modeling"?

Just my $0.02


I just landed a job as an equity analyst, but I will definitely share this to my juniors and colleagues.

You da real MPV. May you - and this amazing forum - live long and prosper.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat.


Great Resume. Went to this Investment Banking Workshop held at Columbia University last year and the guy showed us his resume which looked almost like this. Loved it!

If you fall down, make sure you get back up with a vengeance!

Thank you, this is my first time come here, and this template will help me a lot . :)


you're welcome!


Thanks for the template WSO!


awesome thanks


I have a strong background in sports (played 3 different sports at a national level). How would I showcase this best? It seems that putting f.i. Rowing (national level heavyweight 8) is understating it.


it is like deja voo to mee


Thank you! This is great because it can be applied to any industry really, and definitely a huge improvement over the way I was organizing mine originally.





I've always been told that as a college student, your resume shouldn't be longer than a page, is it just bs?


no, that is correct. Keep it to 1 page max




Can somebody please enlighten me as to the differences between a "grid" resume like the one attached here and the standard "white space" resume? Are there any advantages of each?

"Two Stolis on the rocks."


We use a grid / box system to help make alignment and section spacing as consistent as possible. The grid doesnt / shouldnt show up in a PDF :-)



Can you clarify the difference between CV and Resume/Cover Letter?

Is this considered a CV or a resume?


LA Bull


CV or "curriculum vitae" is the same thing as a resume...in some countries it's more like a long form resume. cover letter is the letter you typically attach with your application that expresses your interest in a position and why you are qualified.

Hope that helps


Thank you for blessing us monkeys with a template that is superior to M&I. This template is an excellent resource for myself because as a USC campus rep I can use the information from the thread to point out the superiority and promote just one of the many benefits WSO websters can get! Every advantage counts! As well, Animalz has served as an excellent scapegoat for Patrick to fund the comparisons between M&I and WSO so thank you Animalz!

Time to get back in the cage!

Monkey Boy Out

LA Bull


@freeminimalist.ru - this resume looks great!

But is anyone else having trouble editing the template? It seems, at least for me, that the sections were created using the tables feature? Maybe I'm not as savvy with Word as I thought? Just spacing down to add another entry under a section is turning out to be a real bitch...


turn view gridlines on...that should help you a lot. The resume uses tables to keep everything properly aligned like a good anal banker would ;-)


I can't find the link to download this resume template. Any help?


Anyone know how to download this on the new forums?


same issue, couldn't find the link to download this on the new forum

Observe. Learn. Share.


same, cannot find link.


That dude's resume just shat all over my self esteem :-)


Very useful! Using a two column layout for name/position/date/location is key for glueing text exactly on the margin limits.

Edit: just noticed the tables. This might be more relevant to EMEA but does anyone know whether the CV scanning machines some banks use (APSs or 'Applicant Tracking Systems') can read through tables? I vaguely remember someone telling me they can't


Thanks WSO! Now we can all have the same resume format!


Prefer this to the M&I template. Thanks, WSO!


This is helpful! thanks


How would I go about adding an additional experience with this table format? I have tried copy/paste that doesn't seem to work


make sure you have gridlines turned on under view...


Thanks WSO! This site has been an invaluable resource, keep up the great work. Oh, and the the Interview prep packs is fantastic as well.


Thank you.


Awesome Thank you so much for this informative post!



Thanks for sharing


Awesome, thanks


This format seems to be longer than a page when i try to export it to word? Any reason why?


Everyone uses the same format and that's how recruiters like it. It makes it easier for them to look over it. They look over so many that it's good to have them in a similar format. It shows that you have at least done enough research to know that there is a generally accepted format


I am not sure about the M&I template, it doesn't look really nice. personally I would only use it after I had my own modifications...

Kiss kiss bang bang


I've got a PDF of some experienced MBA resumes if you want to sift through them


I would like to if the offer is still available.


Would love that also.


What exactly are you asking? And doesn't everyone take calculus during college? If any role was even that quantitative to use calculus material, I'm sure that they would require upper level proof based math courses which you can list instead of your "calculus" class.


Thank you so much!

Nicest haircut than Bateman


Are there any examples on how to convert Military to Civil Investment banking resume? I want to update blog post, so any of articles will be a great fit for my purposes.


Could someone guide me on how to format the grey line that separates your job function from its timeline? I can only seem to get it to split the two right down the middle, when on this template the grey line leans slightly to the right. Thanks.


This is awesome thanks!


Hi! the template is great, he only thing I wonder is why the age does not appear on the resume. Thanks again




What the best way to organize the following on you resume:
Same company
Multiple positions
Multiple locations

You were an analyst for a bank in NYC, then became an associate for the same bank but based in Hong Kong. Where would you include the location?

Classic Option:
ABC Bank_______________________________ New York, New York
Analyst___________________________________September 2012 - September 2014
Associate_________________________________September 2014 - September 2015

Unfortunately now it looks as if the Associate position is in NY as well.

Option 2:
ABC Bank
Analyst___________________________________New York, New York
___________________________________________September 2012 - September 2014
Associate________________________________Honk Kong
__________________________________________September 2014 - September 2015

Feels like option 2 takes up too many lines.



Thomas James, investment banker who moonlights as a bespoke suit salesman.


Helped a lot, many thanks


Thanks a lot for doing this, do you think it would be fine to add non-financial work experience or add volunteering experience overseas? Thanks again


Thank you!


Incredible resource here, I'm looking to update my resume using the deal experience template, but the link keeps circling back to this post. Any thoughts?


Thanks for the template!


Thanks WSO, used it and scored myself a SA gig at a very small PE firm! (I'm not from a target).


badass - great job!


What about the Jessica Pointing Resume?


What about it? Very impressive resume, but not necessarily banker-specific in terms of format and style.


Does anybody think one can be justified in using the 'experienced' resume template over this one for SA applications? For example, I have experience at a boutique corporate advisory shop and a small fund - I want to highlight this over the fact that I am from a non-target.


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