Hi all, I've recently went for an interview with the KPMG Infrastructure Advisory office in Singapore. It seemed that they really liked me and so I'm fairly confident of securing the offer. I've been through the following internships:
- Forecasting work in a hedge fund
- Research work in the advisory team of a bank

I've applied to many other roles related to physical commodity trading, S&T, management associate programmes, but few of them have replied me, and out of those that did, the interviews are still pending results (they probably are waiting for their first choice candidates to accept and so put me on waiting list).

I think there is a good chance that KPMG will reply me with an offer soon. My main question is, should I accept it? I still have one semester left to graduation and that gives me more time to look for alternatives. Given my past experience, would you consider KPMG Infrastructure Advisory to be a stepping stone up or down? I definitely am not the kind to pursue investment banking as I will not be able to stand the lifestyle. I am looking for a comfortable salary with some sort of work-life balance, meanwhile setting for myself a financial goal of hitting S$120,000 annual salary by the end of 10 years. What are also the exit options from an infrastructure advisory stint?

Moreover, the starting compensation really sucks but I'm told that Big 4 invests a lot in developing its staff, and with client engagements there will many learning opportunities, providing a solid foundation for future career moves.

Would love to hear your thoughts. If you know how other Infrastructure Advisory offices work (regardless of whether it is KPMG or in Singapore), do feel free to share them below as well.

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You're welcome.

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Hey man,

Congrats in advanced for your nearing graduation. Btw, is it true that Singaporeans usually graduate at 23-25 yrs old?

Anyway, my advice would be not to be too confident that they will give an offer. If you think they probably will, that's good. But I suggest keep looking and applying for other firms prior to graduation as well! It never hurts to have more options, when you have more options, you can even leverage on that especially if the interviewer asks if you have pending applications or offers from other companies. But as a fresh grad, don't get too confident, with your experience and background you're probably competent. But if there's one thing I've learned, it's one thing to excel at school (and even internship because they cut you more slack then) vs. working in the real world.

Give us updates man!



Yo any updates on this. There's a thread here somewhere about a hilarious email chain from KPMG. Check it


Hey Biriyo Neru,

Thanks for following up! Yes, it is true that Singaporeans usually graduate around that age. Guys have to give up 2 years for National Service (which is conscription into either the military, police force, or civil defence force). So girls usually graduate at 22-23, and guys at 24-25.

And yes, I've gotten an offer! But I have yet to reply as I have some time to think about it (~2 weeks). But I'm wondering if there's any negative repercussions for signing it and accepting it now, and then abandoning it and going for a better offer if it comes later on. (I still have ~6-7 months before graduation).

Also, I tried to find the email chain you were talking about but I can't locate it.


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