First a little background:

I'm a Marine who did the whole Reserves and College (NC) simultaneously after High School and ended up graduating in 2016 with a BA in Poli-Sci. Moved to FL right after for family/job and took a BO position with a firm to get into the industry and I've been here since (~1 Year). I've been trying to build up an industry foundation for my (non-finance) resume by passing the 7/66 last month and then sitting for CFA 1 in June. My intentions are to transfer over to a more FO/ Analytical style position in the next couple months.

My main question here, is if it would be feasible to snag a new position in a different city (NY/Charlotte) based on my current resume. I want to get out of FL and into a BB ASAP so I begin building a base for future growth internally.

As far as I know, my only option is dropping app's with firms and creeping on hiring managers via email and LinkedIn... Do you guys have any tips or recommendations on landing a job in a new city?

I value transparency so by all means, say what you please!

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