Hi everyone!

I have an opportunity to do an internship with an elite MM PE's PortCo, or work as an investor on a well known Corporate VC.

End goal is position myself for investing side PE. Any thoughts which one is better?

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Are you working on the Ops team at the PE firm or working for a Portfolio company owned by a big PE firm?

I'd still think corporate VC would win out by a hair, but its tricky. None of them set you up great. Your best bet with with corporate VC is to do a bunch of industry specific late stage deals and then convince someone at a PE firm that you've done a bunch of deals that have had some hair on them and can run a deal process in PE. If you're doing seed/early stage VC, the skillset won't transfer as well.

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Thanks for the insights. It would be a role at one of the portCo, indirectly reporting to the Ops director at a PE firm. But I get your point - it's not ideal but you think Corp VC is a better positioning due to deal experience.


Yes corporate VC would be better, as the guy mentioned below Corp VC could easily be spun as Corp Dev which has a little bit more of an M&A flavor to it.

Still tough to get from Corp Dev to PE, but its possible.


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