Area codes are tied to geographic areas by nature and assigned to individual districts that are correlated to certain types of businesses. If you are a cold caller or do any telemarketing, you would these by heart.

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For instance, having a 212 area code is by nature NYC and associated with Wall Street, 310 is LA and tied to Hollywood, and finally 415 is associated with Silicon Valley.

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Some people pay hundreds of dollars to get specific area codes and even more so for the remaining seven (7) digits to spell out something meaningful.


  1. How important is the area code to your personal brand?
  2. How much would you pay to have a specific area code?
  3. How much MORE would you pay to have a number that spells out something?

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If I owned a business I think I'd care about this but personally I value my number staying constant more than I want an in-demand area code or last 4 digits. I've had the same cell phone number (random Midwest Area code) ever since I've had a phone and I would actually pay to keep it instead of pay to get a different, more prestigious number.

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For silicon valley can't forget about 650 and 408. Excluding palo alto and menlo is just stupid


How much are you willing to pay for a particular #?




How much are you willing to pay for a personalize number to build your brand?


I could not careless about my area code. What matters more is who is calling you and why. If somebody has a worthwhile reason for calling you, they will. I doubt the area code will ever stand in the way.

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False, in my city there is an area code that is predominately used in the ghetto parts of town. I let it go to voicemail 10/10 times on my cell phone because I very rarely receive a worthwhile call from that part of town.


Ok, and if you had an open position and the top candidate's number was from that area code would you not have HR give them a call?

I let the majority of my calls go to voicemail unless I recognize the number. There are exceptions, applying to jobs and medical appointments.

Only two sources I trust, Glenn Beck and singing woodland creatures.


When calling out I make no discrimination, purely on the call in. The aforementioned area code does not have a single major employment hub within its limits and therefore the chances of having a good call-in are very rare.


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I'm probably one of few who will care about the area code. 212 and 917 (mobile) ARE New York City. If you're from New York then you're proud of the NYC area code. I can see how if you're not a born and raised New Yorker how you probably wouldn't care. I live in SF now but plenty of people comment on my 917 number. If you meet another New Yorker in a different city they will almost always comment on the 212/917 area code, guaranteed. I would probably pay to keep the area code forever over buying a nice watch. Sounds ridiculous, but meh.


Build that clout! It's real estate and scarcity with prestige sells.


I have a 909 number.

It comes up as Ontario, CA. Which is really Ontario, California (A meh suburb outside of LA).

People always think I'm calling from Canada.


Better than 911 :)


This only matters if you have a business that uses a jingle to get someone to remember your number.

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Best Response

Elaine and a man are talking.

MAN: You're probably one of those women who doesn't like to give out her number.

ELAINE: No, I'm not. Here you go.

MAN: 646?

ELAINE: It's a new area code.

MAN: What area? New Jersey?

ELAINE: No, no. It's right here in the city. It's the same as 212. They just multiplied it by 3, and then they added one to the middle number. It's the same.

MAN: Do I have to dial a one first?

Elaine nods and the man crumples up her number.

MAN: I'm really kinda seein' somebody.

ELAINE: Yeah? Well, so am I!

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