Hey WSO, I am curious to hear about your worst cold-calls that you have made during your earlier years.

Last week I called an alumni that I had connected with through Linkedin after only having emailed her once (mistake one), through the corporate directory (mistake two), only to stumble over my usual script and embarrass myself. (Mistake Three). She politely said that she could not talk at that time and I was left feeling like a complete idiot. Needless to say, I did not get a recommendation.

I'd love to hear your horror stories from your days trying to break into the industry.

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1.when You forgot to greet
2.when you behave rude
3.when you don't listen the conversation properly
4.When the person is not interested in your discussion

I Suggest you to Learn from your mistakes, always take time or seek permission before proceeding,build some rapport


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If you wait and seek permission you'll get no where in life.



Why the fuck would you randomly call someone. It is just so intrusive and bound to not work out well, especially given how busy finance professionals are.

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There's a formula for success (still a numbers game) . You need to :

  1. Reach out to introduce yourself and explain why you're reaching out (preferably by email)
  2. Wait for reply / invitation (that's called listening!)
  3. Following up as planned (including topic - if you say via email you want to learn more about company X, don't start with asking for a job or interview)
  4. Have a predetermined path or close. You are always closing for something, even if it's the next phone call.
  5. Stay true to the sequence, skipping steps kill you.

Increase your chances by adding activity, not by forcing the process (you can't, it's not up to you). Want more and deeper conversations, send 100 emails to alumni. Learn from mistakes and don't repeat. Difference between 100 times the experience vs. same experience done 100 times.

You're fortunate you have email as a tool. The old days it was either an actual cold call or snail mail with follow up. Email turns cold call into warm call which is great! If you can't sell that, you can't sell.


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