I applied for the intern position at BB in Asia and I withdrew it after I missed the deadline for the online assessment test.

There is another position for which the deadline is not ended.
Since the maximum number of application in Asia region is 1, I can't apply for that position with the existing account.

Is it okay to apply for that position with a new account?

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How quickly do you think you could get a legal name change processed?

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I am not sure what is a legal name change.
Do you mean could I change the name on the application?

I changed the name and e-mail address of the existing account.
But since I submitted and withdrew the application, I can't change those on the application.


Don't see why not. Worst case they reject you for it later. And if they get angry you could just argue that you forgot you already had an account.


Thanks. I agree that if I do not apply, there is no opportunity at all.
But I am concerned that if they find it out, it could affect the full-time job application for the next year?


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