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+4How do you manage your breaktime?My wife told me that I am gaining weight. She asked me if I ever stand up from my desk, take a walk or have at least 30 minutes break from the office. She's right. I've been working (and sitting) most of the time and would be missing lunch. By dinner time comes, I am so hungry and would eat voraciou...8
+1The Litasco SA conspiratorial HR plot isn't so silly.There is movement currently at Litasco Short Story Russian speakers are OUT, Frenchs Italians get IN. the thesis of the new hiring manager (French) is very inclined in hiring the people she knows. Quite often mployees have co-opted with the HR for a while. Remove the HR and see the card...1
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+2How Important is your Undergrad Reputation?I am currently a student at USC, but have a transfer plan option to Cornell, specifically the Dyson School, and am wondering if it's worth it to transfer? I know that I'll have a much better college experience here and have lived in SoCal my whole life. But I also know that Cornell will be better fo...5
+1Mckinsey group placement (Private Equity Practice vs Strategy & Corporate Finance)Recently received an offer for McKinsey full time. My long term career goal is to go into PE. Given this, which practice (private equity vs strategy&corp fin) would lead to better PE exits (or if there is no meaningful difference between the two)? I understand that traditionally corporate finance ha...5
0Zuratex you educate the more muscle **Zuratex** you educate the more muscle you may advantage. it's this form of mentality that receives maximum novices into hassle. if you're following the routines located in any of the muscle magazines you are in all likelihood overtraining unless of direction...0
+3Getting a return offer in a group with a ~50% return rate?I'll be interning at a group that historically has only taken ~50% or less of its interns. It's a great gig, but I'm really scared about not getting a full-time offer given how tough FT recruiting has become. Does anyone have any tips on getting a return offer in a more competitive intern environmen...9
+11Who else is making $$$ off cryptos?With IOTA shooting up over 500% over the last few days and BTC shooting up almost 500% in 12 months, anyone else making big bank off cryptos? I know the volatility and risk are pretty big but an investment as little as $5K can yield pretty insane results, trust me I know from experience. ...129
+1Is this job at Goldman Sachs RMD/RMAM a MO or BO based on this job description?Is the following a MO or BO role? From my understanding, due diligence (risk, it seems) is MO, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Would it be possible, at all, to join the FO from this role? I've read that GS does not allow anyone from MO/BO to ever go to FO. Is that true? Thanks in advance. Gol...2
+1Any bonus season openings coming up?With bonus season upon us, many folks might be planning there escape but I'm genuinely still trying to earn my solid IB experience. I've spent the last 4 months (finished school in August) at a small PE/VC shop in Toronto and while it has been a great intro, the transaction activity is limited. ...2
+2Private Equity firms in LA? Reputations, culture, compensation?Hi all, I wanted to ask and glean a more updated view of PE funds in LA. The ones I'm interested in are Ares, Oaktree, Platinum, Aurora, Marlin, Pacific Coast (or others I'm missing) in terms of returns, reputation, culture etc. Would love any thoughts! Thanks!...4
0Converting British grades to GPA?Hi guys, I'm an American who's looking to returning to work in the States after graduating from the LSE. So far I have a 2:1 average score, and I was just wondering if I should put that on my resume, post my individual grades, (I did better than a 2:1 in econometrics but worse in micro) or conver...22
+1WSO New York Happy Hour: Wednesday, 12/20, 7:30pm @5th and MadHappy December, dear monkeys! It's been a challenge to get space in Manhattan with every firm's Christmas party coming up, but your NY Social Chair is here for you. Let's make the final happy hour of 2017 a memorable one! All are welcome...if you're 21 and older, that is!. Date/Time: Wed...2
+17Private Equity Resume Template - Official WSO CV ExampleAttached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis private equity resume template for experienced professionals, used by the WSO paid service and thousands of candidates to successfully land a job in private equity. For those of you with deal or project experience coming fro...25
0For 2 days only, FREE SC/PS videos on "GMAT PILL" mobile app!Download Videos for Offline Studying 1,000+ Free Practice Questions 1,300+ Videos (upgrade for full access) Easy studying - just watch and learn Taught by team of Stanford grads Get the iPad App Get the iPhone App Get the Android App ...1
+1Am I on the right track for Junior IB SA?**Hey guys,** **Just a brief background:** Currently a sophomore at community college in the northeast/mid-atlantic region. I am transferring to a UVA/NYU tier school after this spring as an incoming junior, and will be majoring in economics; unfortunately, my GPA just isn't high enough for the...2
+2It's been 3 weeks since an interview, should I follow-up?It has been 3 weeks since my interview, and I am starting to get anxious. I have had 3 rounds of interviews so far, and during the last round they said that would probably bring me in for a 4th. They also told me that they are not in a hurry to make a decision and it could drag out until late August...8
+2S&T Analyst BonusS&T salary seems standard across the street and on par with other front office roles (85 base+10 signing), but does anyone know what range an analyst's bonus falls in? Obviously it varies by firm and desk but I get the feeling that the bonus discrepancy happens at the associate+ level. Where shou...2
+1Life is over?Hi guys. I am a sophomore at non-target. Recently I am involved in an academic integrity case (plagiarism: lack of in-text citation). I will get a D in this course and my overall GPA will drop from 3.9 to 3.6 because of this. This is a freshman level writing course so it may not affect my major GPA....0
+1CBRE Production AnalystAnyone want to provide some insight as to what this job title really means? Can't really find anything about it online, but wanted to see if any of y'all have heard of the title. The description for their production analyst jobs are very vague. If you want to look yourself, go to CBRE's job listi...5
+8Wow Litecoin.Why am I even invested in stocks? Cryptos have made people millionaires overnight but meanwhile, I'm over here excited on the 20% dividend increase on Boeing. I'm thinking about just liquidating all my holdings, and buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. THOUGHTS?!...95
0What software do you guys use?I am at a multifamily shop with about 2K units and we manage in house. We use basic yardi for pm but I feel like we are lacking overall in the technology space. I think we can do better than excel with construction management, project management, asset management and acquisitions...0
+2Lesser Known Consulting vs Internal StrategyI'm finishing the first semester of my MBA this week, and I'm considering my potential internship opportunities. I was hoping to go into consulting, but I've already been turned down by MBB and Deloitte S&O for first round interviews - likely due to a weak GPA. Based off of my networking, I think I'...5
02018 HSBC (Hong Kong office) Trading Summer Analyst anyone?Anyone receive an offer for HSBC (Hong Kong) Trading summer analyst? Was told I got waitlisted, but near the top, so fingers crossed a spot opens up :/...0
+1Best way to split base salary + bonus?I'm going to have a FT position in S&T soon, but was wondering what was the "best" way to split your base + bonus? For instance, do you spend your base and save your bonus? What % of all-in salary do you spend, invest, save?...2
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+3The Biggest Bubble of All-TimeGDP isn't good, the central banks are constantly buying government securities to artificially keep rates low, NK wants to nuke us, another potential war is breaking out in the East, foreign markets are selling off, the Fed just announced 4 rate-hikes, retailers are starting to flood the market, the ...18
0Don't List Dean's List on Resume?I had a pretty senior level person tell me listing Dean's List is unnecessary if you're already listing cumulative and major GPA. I sort of agree with him and think my resume looks more aesthetically pleasing without it. Anyone else think it's a waste of a line on their resume? Should you put dean'...15
+1NYC Summer HousingI've talked to a number of friends that recommend NYU apartments/dorms for a summer internship. Was wondering If any of you all have stayed at NYU and which apartment/dorm you would recommend staying in. ...2
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+1Should I intern during the school year if it has a chance of hurting my GPA?I am a sophomore with little/no real finance experience and need some resume padding. I am currently applying for an internship that is with a small wealth management firm that I am pretty confident will accept me. It is 5-10 hours a week during the semester and I will be taking 16 credit hours. Any...2
+7AMA: Deloitte S&O -> F500 Corp. Strategy -> M7 -> MBB Bounced between consulting and industry pre-MBA and decided to go back for more consulting post-MBA. I recently received/accepted an offer from MBB after a grueling recruiting process. Happy to answer questions about my path to-date, my b-school experience and the recruiting process. ...50
0Non-Target to Buy-Side? Title says it all. I'm wondering for all of us non-target hustlers, is our peak being a career banker, or do we have the opportunity to break into the Buy-Side. I understand that it's a huge privilege to be an Investment Banker but is that our glass-ceiling? I'd like to know realistically speaking. ...0
+1Just took my last undergraduate class: 3 college mythsIn typical Buzzfeed style... 1) I think liberal arts classes are overrated. I think that many people have this romanticized perception of liberal arts as something that will open your mind and teach you how to think critically. They can sound great on paper, but in reality, most of the times yo...0
01st Year S&T Analyst Lateral to IB Currently a 1st year Institutional Equities Sales analyst at a BB (started 6 months ago). Have 1 previous boutique banking internship and a credit risk internship at a BB. I have a solid team but I can see the industry rapidly evolving and this business is becoming a dinosaur that'll become extinct ...0
+2Entry Level Roles in NYCI graduated over the summer from a top 25 school, and recently moved to New York. I have two solid acquisitions internships on my resume, and a pretty solid GPA. I've been searching for a job over the past few months, but nothing has worked out so far. I'm thinking about taking one of the brokera...13
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+1Lateraling as an Associate Without Deal ExperienceI'm a post-MBA A1 in a coverage group at BAML/CS/Citi. My Associate class was pretty big, and I haven't had any live deal experience after ~1 year on the desk. I'm looking to lateral; how should I approach this in interviews when they ask me about deal experience? Obviously I shouldn't and ...9
+1Anyone hear back from the DRW Superday?Anyone hear back with any news from the superday this past Saturday for DRW? Still have not heard anything back....4
0Can you explain interest rate swaps?I have been reading about interest rate swaps, and I am a bit confused on what exactly the "swap rate" is. Can you explain it dumbed down?...0
+10J.P. Morgan HireVue Interview Questions: What to expectI applied for an analyst position at J.P. Morgan. I immediately got an automated reply telling me to continue on HireVue. I did some digging through WSO and I still have some questions. 1. Are you allowed multiple tries? It seems J.P. Morgan allowed this for the Wealth Management Jr. Analysts, bu...79
+1What Will Get Me To IB (Third Year Undergraduate Student) DeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDelete...14
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+2UBC BA ECON, QUEENS BAH ECON, Or WESTERN ECON?I got into all 3 and I hope for a career in Investment banking or anything really finance related. I live in BC so UBC is definitely what I'm strongly considering but I wanted your guys thoughts on this? Some people say Queens econ is a lot better? is that true? ...9
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0Analyst pay 1st/2nd/3rd year in S&T Canada (2017)?As an intern, just wondering what the prospects look like a few years out in Canada (Bay St). If possible please split between base/bonus. FYI I'm interested in knowing about FICC S&T not equities. Thanks....0
+2HFF Analyst PayHow much is total compensation for a 1st year analyst at HFF? (Salary + Commission + Bonus?) Assumptions: South East City, Debt/Equity Placement Team Any insight/thoughts would be great, thank you in advanced!...11
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0Join the WhatsApp group for your city We created these groups with the goal of making it easier for WSO members to organize events / happy hours. Open the link in your phone and it will prompt you to download the app if you don't already have it. Is your city not on the list? Let us know in the comments. Thanks! Andy Atlanta: ...0
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0Company Compensation: public Resource Management Group0
+7Do any bankers play any video games? If so which ones?Does anybody play any games for the Xbox 1 or the PS4? Does anyone play any shooting games, fighting games, racing games etc...119
0Will they rescind the offer?Hi all. Got a quick question about the background check. On what ground will the HR rescind the offer? Thanks. ...0
+3Moving to Boston - SuggestionsHello all, I know this topic has been asked before but I couldn't find any that really matched my description so bear with me as I ask again. I am moving to Boston in January for a consulting gig and am needing suggestions on where to live. I am willing to spend a little more $1500-2700 mont...14
+22MSF Class of 2019Every year I do a post like this on about this date for students seeking admission. Most MSF/MMS program start their application cycle around this time so it is usually helpful. Prior years Q&A are listed below. /forums/msf-class-of-2018 https://wallstreetoasis...207
+1Anyone making it on 50k-60k in Manhattan?Anyone making it on 50-60k in Manhattan? I have a job offer for something in this range, and am a little concerned I may not be able to live this. I'm not concerned about saving because I only plan to do it for 1-2 years, and then move on to something a bit higher (90k+). Is it livable? Are you ...5
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+1Chance me for HBS/GBS/Wharton etc.I'll cut right to it: GPA: 3.9 from a top 5 undergraduate business program GMAT: 740 Work experience: 3 years at a fortune 10 firm in a corporate finance rotational/leadership development program ECs: community involvement/volunteering. If my chances are weak, what can I do to improve my a...20
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+2[Info Inside] Resources to make an algorithm based off statistical arbitrage?So I've been keeping an eye on certain equity pairs, and want to employ some statistical arbitrage. Don't want to go into detail incase someone here wants to take it but I think it has the potential to make millions. The pairs are extremely consistent in the pattern. Any resources where I can learn ...2
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0Does unlevered cash flow exclude interest?I've read two different interview guides (MI & WSO). One says Unlevered cash flow includes interest and the other say it excludes. which one is it? Unlevered Cash Flow The short answer is no, unlevered cash flow does not include interest. The name itself is a give-away. "Leverage" is a term that...35
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+2Disney Acquires FoxDoes anybody know who the named advisors were? Does anyone have any thoughts on the deal besides what was already said. Thanks. ...3
+2Starbucks Build to Suit budgetI have a client with a free standing 2000sqft building Starbucks is interested in leasing. They want some numbers from us on asking rent based on their BTS standards. I was sort of blown away when our contractor, who only does freestanding restaurants came back with $700k of TI/build out. Contrac...7
+6Non-Ivy school recommendations Hello all, I have been wondering lately what some of the top schools for recruiting is (outside the Ivy League ), which place reasonably well, and have strong relationships and connections to Wall Street. Preferably northeast, however, if the school fits the criteria then that will do. Open to an...27
+1Exit Opportunities of internal strategy/finance vs lesser know consulting firmI'm finishing the first semester of my MBA this week, and I'm considering my potential internship opportunities. I was hoping to go into consulting, but I've already been turned down by MBB and Deloitte S&O for first round interviews - likely due to a weak GPA. Based off of my networking, I think I'...5
+1Comp Question: Equity Research AssociateI am wondering what a fair salary and bonus would be if I were to accept an equity research associate position. I have no Equity Research experience, but I have 1.5 years of solid FP&A experience in the industry I would cover. I am also a CFA level 3 candidate. The positions I'm interviewing for are...2
+1top-tier London PE firms with best culture?Ladies & Gents - the time has come: despite the job of a PE Associate/VP at the likes of Advent, H&F, Bain Capital, CVC, Carlyle, Apax etc. is intellectually stimulating, to be in this game for the long-term culture and sustainability are key. therefore, if you could pick any PE firm in London to op...4
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0Company Compensation: Moelis & Company0
+1CrossHarbor Capital Partners: Analyst Experience, Reputation, CompIs anyone familiar with CrossHarbor? REPE shop based in Boston. Seems like a good firm. Trying to get a sense of their reputation, comp, exit opps. Let me know....0
0Salt Creek CapitalMiddle Market Boutique PE firm specializing in management transition, partnering with CEOs to acquire business across the US. ...0
+1JD/MBA Program Pursuit AdviceHello all, I'm seeking a bit of life advice and would appreciate any insights you would be willing to share regarding a couple inquiries: (1) whether you think my qualifications are adequate enough to gain admission to a top JD/MBA program, (2) your candid thoughts on whether such a program would...4
+1JM Introduction postHello fellow monkeys, my name is Jose. After a lot of googling as part of my internal struggles, I have found this website which seems to have a very solid community. I hope I don't bore you too much with my introduction. I'm 25 years old. I'm from the Dominican Republic. I graduated from a bilin...1
+1Are the yield to maturities (YTM) of bonds stated as an APR, or an EAR?Just doing a finance question and can't seem to find a straight forward answer online as every website says something different....1
+2Please, help me to *not* fail this interviewI am currently a junior at a semi target school. Basically, summer analyst recruiting has been a shit show for me. So far, I've only gotten two OCIs, two phone interviews, and one superday in a variety of roles such as IB, corp fin, and AM. I've received no offers yet, despite thinking a few of them...16
0GPA importance after getting SA offerMy GPA tanked during recruiting this semester and wasn't super high (3.7+ish) to begin with. Is this going to be an issue for full time or for post-IB?...0
+2GSAM -> IBD?How difficult is the internal move from Goldman Sachs Asset Management (in particular fixed income investment strategies) to IBD? Thinking of summer analyst in GSAM to full time in IBD - is that possible? And would you take an internship at GSAM over one at a MM investment bank (if your eventual goa...10
0Career choice after Master's: consulting or bankingHi everyone BG: I am a recent college undergrad from a west coast non-target. Recently I have been doing an ER internship at a MM bank (off-cycle, long-term, have potential become a FT after a few months, either in the bank's IBD or stay in ER). I am going to grad school (Master program, non-M...0
+1IS vs Debt Placement at a major shop (think Eastdil, HFF, JLL)Long time reader, first time poster, huge fan of the site. My question is this: I know at the Junior level that the work can be similar at times. However, as someone who wants to stay in CRE long-term, I am curious as to the major differences in day-to-day work as you climb the ladder, and just...7
+3Anyone work with younger brokers?So I been reviewing some deals by a couple of the brokerage firms we work with on a regular basis. They seem to have added some younger brokers who I have been in contact with and seem to be really douchey. I mean they all feel like they are entitled or they seem to treat every offer not at asking p...19
+1Allen & Co. the invisible investment bank?Allen & Co. now stands at number 9 in the M&A league tables after advising on both the Time Warner - Comcast, and the WhatsApp - Facebook deals. They do not maintain a website and what I've dragged up online suggests that they actively try to maintain a low profile. But casually, these guys are ...63
+3Is Traditional Finance Dead?The freshmen going into college today, blind to the realities of the world, will dutifully complete their business degrees, and in 4 years come out realizing that they are absolutely 100% fucked. How do you compete with the metric shit ton of computer science, statistics, physics, etc. majors coming...7
0Why M&A?I have an interview coming up (tomorrow) where the interviewers have stressed, "Know which groups that you most want to work in and why." I know I want to work in M&A... I'm not sure if my reasons are "interview-friendly". So, I'm curious, what are some good interview answers for "Why M&A?"? T...32
0Asset Management Interview PreparationHi all, I recently got a 1st round interview for an analyst role at a mid-size Asset Management firm (deals with both institutional and high wet work individuals). I was wondering what would be the interview process will be like. Any technical should I brush up on? and what kind of person do t...36
+1CPP Investment Board case studyI’m interviewing for an analyst position in the infrastructure team of the CPP Investment board and am due to do a case study next week. Does anyone have any advice/has anyone done one before? Also, does anyone have any idea about compensation there?...8
+2Most unconventional paths to Hedge Fund that you've seenWhat are the most unconventional paths to HF you have seen among research analysts? The conventional ones include equity/credit research, IB, MBB, S&T. Anything else is fair game. This can be for any fund $300MM+. Anything from corporate strategy to operations to boutique consulting ...16
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0How to do Opex Adjustment for a comparable valuation analysis?I am studying comparable valuation analysis, and there is a form below I really have no idea how to deal with. * Non-recurring item adjustment 2015 2016 2017 * Opex Adjustment * Non-opex Adjustment I hope to know what info I should look at in 10K and how I should calculate these a...0
0Please Help!!! --- How to calculate the Total Debt?I am new to accounting, and I am really confused about what total debt includes. I've seen the liabilities section below, but I do not know how to categorize each account. Current Liabilities: * Deferred Revenue * Accounts Payable * Income Tax Payable * Gift Card Payable * Accru...0
+3What to buy banker girlfriend for her birthday?What to buy banker girlfriend for her birthday? Help...................................................22
0WSO Boston Happy Hour, Fri Dec 22nd, 530pm, Coogan's Bar First Boston HH in years! Hopefully we can make this a regular thing every ~2 months. Join the WSO - Boston WhatsApp group for updates about this event and future events. To find the group: ask for the event host Stephanie (contact info below) and/or ask the host/hostess to be taken to the WSO G...0
+1Gain/Loss on Sale of AssetSay you sell an asset for $100 that had a book value of $80, how would that affect the 3 statements? (40% tax rate) Thanks...23
+39London IB 2018 Summer Internship Discussion So I’m quite new to this site, but one of the reasons for me making an account is that I'm looking to secure (ideally) a BB IB summer internship in London next summer. I'm currently on internship in a small financial services firm in Dublin, and while the experience is semi-good (and the pay is 0)...420