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Quant Interview PrepHey guys, a buddy of mine is in the process of interviews post grad school and will be interviewing at places like DE Shaw, PIMCO, Citadel, MSIM, and so on, all on the quant side of AM (not IT). I gave him some generic advice based on my knowledge of the firms but I wanted to enlist the help of... 4 3 weeks 1 day
Take a Knee: Trump, the NFL, and the First...In case you've been under a rock or are outside the US, basically here's the TLDR. NFL players started taking a knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to police brutality against minorities (citing incidents like Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and others). What started... 265 2 months 2 weeks
Let's Talk About AmazonWith the news of Jeff Bezos passing Bill Gates for richest person, I wanted to start a discussion about Amazon. Amazon is a stock I've always struggled with. I'm an older millenial, so my finance career didn't start in earnest until the financial crisis, so while I've had chances to invest in... 20 4 months 2 weeks
Can we reverse our deflationary environment?So what you're wondering is even if Trump does what his agenda says, can we reverse our deflationary environment? also, what does it all mean for the future? I enjoy thinking about these sorts of things and am blessed to have a clientele and a firm with very smart people whose brains I can pick.... 11 4 months 2 weeks
FAKE NEWS CNNNow that I have your attention, what does everyone think? At first, I shrugged off Trump's catchphrase as hyperbole, but now I'm wondering if there's something to it. First, you have the John Bonifield video, which leads me to believe that while CNN is trying to find something, they don't care... 186 5 months 1 day
The Paris Accord - What Say YouMany of you know I'm only occasionally interested in politics, but this one caught my eye, and there's a severe lack of info on the web that's not violently biased on one side or the other. My understanding is this: a bunch of countries got together, agreed that climate change exists, and that... 3 6 months 1 week
Software Engineer to MSF to ??? adviceAlright WSO, a buddy of mine is a lurker here and has enlisted my help. he studied econ undergrad at a non target and has worked in software the past several years, most recently as a software engineer developing enterprise level software in Chicago. he's been accepted to a MSF (top 5 in the US... 9 9 months 6 hours
The Purge - Asset Management EditionMonkeys, the purge is beginning, and I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. In short, Fido is offering packages to 3,000 workers who meet the 55+10 requirement (55yo + 10y of service), looks to be a year or two of severance, and maybe with some vesting of deferred stuff (an assumption as they... 14 9 months 2 weeks
Ask a bro: Thebrofessor's AMA, 2016 editionAlright everyone, I need something to distract me from family time over the next few days, so wanted to do a AMA. Background for those who don't already know: partner in a PWM practice at one of the bigger firms (MS/ML/UBS) managing $500mm in the southeast US. worked at a local bank for a few... 123 11 months 4 days
7 Tips for Office / Holiday Parties Assuming you're there purely to improve your career prospects, here are the keys to the kingdom young padawans. 0. The Preparation: is this a holiday themed party? is it business casual? business casual is hard to fuck up, but if it's holiday themed, don't wear a naked santa sweater or the one... 26 11 months 3 weeks


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This thread gave me AIDSThis thread gave me AIDS 29 6 hours 53 sec
sure, that's how spreads tighten. as more buyers...sure, that's how spreads tighten. as more buyers enter the market reflecting their views either positively or negatively, spreads come in. it's the same concept as penny stocks with hardly any volume. widely traded stocks have tight spreads, thinly traded stocks have wide spreads. take a look... 56 23 hours 58 min
the belief in USD is bolstered by the fact that...the belief in USD is bolstered by the fact that it's issued by a solid govt. other currencies that have experienced wild swings and eroded capital can show that belief in govts can evaporate (see the Lira pre-EUR). so yes, USD/BTC isn't a fair comparison, but it illustrates the point that currency... 56 1 day 51 min
run far, far away from AXA. worst far, far away from AXA. worst training program I've ever seen 92 1 day 7 hours
big price swings come from a couple different...big price swings come from a couple different things, both of which I think are happening to bitcoin currently: 1. wide bid/ask spread 2. lopsided buy/sell orders you can have huge upside/downside vol if you have too many buyers/sellers (respectively), and it's apparent to me that basically... 56 1 day 7 hours
what?! bitcoin is like my friend...what?! bitcoin is like my friend have been drinking the kool-aid. amazon, while overvalued, is a consumer commerce... 56 1 day 8 hours
I'd put him up there with my name is goldstein...I'd put him up there with my name is goldstein for worst member of 2017 63 1 day 11 hours
QB jay cutler. I'm a green bay fan, hence the...QB jay cutler. I'm a green bay fan, hence the hate for both. I'd only punch suh if I was sure there wouldn't be any retaliation, I'm not an idiot. 150 2 days 5 hours
not picking one elizabeth warren jeremy corbyn...not picking one elizabeth warren jeremy corbyn bernie sanders donald trump steve bannon obama kim jong un ellen degeneres jimmy fallon rodrigo duterte joe buck skip bayless jay cutler (but I have a feeling he wouldn't care) michael isaacson jemele hill bruce jenner samantha bee... 150 3 days 6 hours
family teams can work well, or they can blow teams can work well, or they can blow the fuck up. have very frank conversations with your dad on what he expects from you, what your role will be, what your goals are, what success looks like, etc. while it's family, you want to leave nothing up in the air. I'm biased, I love my job, and... 9 4 days 1 hour