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The Key To Success: Being Ultra RichBrowsing around Poets & Quants today I found an old interesting article about HBS's super elite; in this case, the author focuses on Mikey Hess, grandson of the founder of Hess Corporation. Wealth disparity in elite schools is nothing new or profound-- of course you'll always have the poor kids... 1 1 year 5 months
The Olympian PriceIt seems like with the last few Olympic games, there has been an increasing amount of attention being paid to silly things like worker welfare and environmental sustainability. Headlines blast the billions of dollars being spent on erecting these magnificent structures, usually with mention of how... 24 1 year 5 months
Wal-Mart Buys for $3.3BAs Walmart attempts to catch-up to Amazon's e-commerce domination, this morning they announced they will purchase for $3.3B. For the uninitiated, Jet is pretty damn similar to Amazon-- they're both expansive e-commerce platforms. Jet has a unique pricing strategy however, which may explain... 1 1 year 5 months
Prestigious Party SchoolsSo Business Insider did an article about the schools who rank highest on their "work hard, play hard"-o-meter. I see my school up there, proudly reppin'-- but some of these rankings seem a little odd. Cornell at #8? MIT at #2? Because I don't actually go to those schools I can't accurately comment... 46 1 year 5 months
From Depression to Community College to Target...Hey everyone. This past spring I graduated from my local community college and was accepted into 2 of 3 schools I applied to. After receiving endless amounts of useful advice and information from this community, I thought it would be a good time to formally introduce myself and hopefully share any... 28 1 year 6 months
How Far Would You Go For a Promotion?It looks like things are heating up once again at the world's largest hedge fund as allegations of a bit of sexual deviance come to light. Christopher Tarui, a 34-year old employee at Bridgewater, recently filed (and then withdrew) a complaint against Ray Dalio's behemoth of a fund, calling it a "... 8 1 year 6 months
iPhone 7 LeakedApparently the "final chassis" of the iPhone 7 Plus has been leaked, and some YouTuber put up a video documenting the physical changes. I'm pretty content with my iPhone 6 as of now and have no desire to replace it, but what surprises me is the omission of a headphone jack. I guess Apple is going... 21 1 year 6 months
Harvard Endowment Losing Its LusterUnder Jack Meyer, Harvard’s record-setting endowment averaged returns of almost 16% annually. His reign, from 1990 to 2005, included changing the investment landscape of the school’s fund, looking more like a hedge fund than a traditional endowment. However, since his departure, the fund has... 2 1 year 6 months
Uber in the AirTech start-up Blade just closed another round of financing, bringing its valuation to $75 million. For those unfamiliar with the service, the company is sort of like Uber, but for helicopters. The two have partnered in the past, combining resources to offer rides to Coachella and other music events... 12 1 year 6 months
How NOT to use LinkedInAs the question of how to successfully use LinkedIn is frequently brought up on this site, I thought it would be relevant to highlight how not to use it. [quote]Abigail McAlpine, a marketing consultant in the United Kingdom, posted a screenshot and blasted the bloke who tried to hit on her... 1 1 year 6 months


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post-mortem capital: I'm sure you will give me...[quote="post-mortem capital"]I'm sure you will give me monkey shit for this, but I don't really find this inspiring. I didn't read any major trauma and you even said you were "binging" on drugs and girls.To me it just sounds like a guy who decided to dick around and then stopped being a fuck up.I'... 28 1 year 5 months
Thanks. As far as admissions went, I had a 3.8...Thanks. As far as admissions went, I had a 3.8 GPA coming from my CC, which honestly made me feel nervous going into the whole application process. However, for all of my major courses (and courses for my last 2.5 semesters) I received 4.0s, so I think there was a visible trend exhibited.... 28 1 year 6 months
I'm much more ingratiated with the hip(ster)...I'm much more ingratiated with the hip(ster) scene in the city, so my picks will reflect that. For a nice outdoor area with a taco truck in the back, Union Pool in Williamsburg is great. Also, if you have any semblance of game you're pretty much guaranteed to get laid. House of Yes is a good... 23 1 year 6 months
Don't know how much constructive input I can add...Don't know how much constructive input I can add, though I can definitely relate. Currently I'm in an almost-similar position-- just finished up at community college and will be transferring to a target this fall. I've spent about a year and a half being consumed by all things finance, and as much... 58 1 year 7 months
Frieds: M&I did forget one big point......[quote="Frieds"]M&I did forget one big point... Many of those famed UBS LA rainmakers got their start at Drexel Burnham Lambert or at DLJ LA. Sometimes it's worth it to look into a rainmaker's past, and not just one stop on the list. You'd be surprised at how talent develops and who influences... 40 1 year 8 months
ILR does fine for recruiting, as does A&S....ILR does fine for recruiting, as does A&S. The most important thing is keeping your GPA up and getting involved in relevant ECs. 8 1 year 9 months
Don't worry about too much right now-- just relax...Don't worry about too much right now-- just relax and finish school. Fortunately, with the VCCS program, if you just make sure you can transfer into UVA's McIntire school then you'll be fine; they have a great program and has solid OCR for both IB and MC. 7 1 year 11 months
Fantastic write-up, thanks for taking the time to...Fantastic write-up, thanks for taking the time to round everything up like this. I've been applying to a few of these programs on a whim, but I'm surprised by the sheer amount of those that I knew nothing about. 111 1 year 11 months
Hop in a time machine and head back to 1985.Hop in a time machine and head back to 1985. 22 1 year 11 months
No problem. I'm currently in the process of doing...No problem. I'm currently in the process of doing the same thing-- graduating from CC this spring and going to a 4-year in the fall. None of those diversity/AA initiatives really apply to schools unfortunately, although it still leaves you with the ability to reach out to those who followed a... 3 1 year 11 months