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Three Statement Model for new tax codeTitle says it all...does anyone have a three statement model updated for the new tax code? 1 4 weeks 22 hours
AMA: Corporate Banking Associate This site has been incredibly helpful to me over the years so I thought I'd do one of these as an attempt to give back. I'm currently a Corp Banking Associate for top 10 US commercial bank (e.g. US Bank, PNC, STRH, BBT, 5/3). I've been in Corp Banking since I graduated and have really enjoyed... 50 2 months 3 weeks
Juris Masters (JM)Has anyone ever heard of a Juris Masters (JM)? Marketed to be a one-year law crash course. A few good schools have them (e.g. Emory). I wanted to get peoples thoughts on these for business professionals with no interest in sitting for the bar or practicing law. Beneficial or total hoax? 3 1 year 1 month
Trump plans to name Mnuchin as Treasury SecretaryNot exactly "draining the swamp" but as a banker I think I like the pick. It was either a private-sector banker or former federal reserve employee. Thoughts? 1 year 1 month
What does WSO know about CapitalSpring?Primarily focused on restaurants. I'll hang up and listen. 1 year 7 months
Bond Refinancing QuestionWhat do you do with the unamortized discount when refinancing a bond? Will this affect the sources and uses? thanks 1 1 year 10 months
Analyst/associate responsibilities during sale...All, Other than helping with diligence and writing the CIM/MP, what are the primary responsibilities of jr. bankers during a sale process? Thanks in advance...any help would be appreciated. 1 2 years 3 months
VC Interview - Case StudyAll, I am currently going through an interview process with a VC firm and have been asked to complete a case study at home. They let me pick they 24-hour window of my choice and I'm to return the deliverable the next day. Anyone ever had something similar? What should I expect? I've... 2 2 years 8 months
Baird or Jefferies for Healthcare Equity Research?What do you Monkey's think? 1 3 years 2 hours
VC Case StudyGreetings, I recently made it through the phone interview portion for a pre-mba associate role at a family office VC fund. In a week or two I will be receiving a case study via email to complete and send back. Any idea on what I should expect? All replies are appreciated. 1 3 years 2 months


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^^^ fake news^^^ fake news 24 1 month 3 days
Under my MD's desk.Under my MD's desk. 15 2 months 4 days
Of those you mentioned, lev fin would be most...Of those you mentioned, lev fin would be most valuable. We also like to promote internally which has been nice for me. 50 3 months 3 hours
Yeah, it's a good point. Banking regulation has...Yeah, it's a good point. Banking regulation has certainly pushed more of the "yieldy" deals to BDCs or credit funds. However, most of my clients are BB credit profile or better that don't access those markets. Regardless, highly leveraged loans are definitely moving off banks balance sheets. 50 3 months 3 hours
ABL is product group that spans commercial thru...ABL is product group that spans commercial thru corporate. 50 3 months 3 hours
My personal opinion is that the automation of...My personal opinion is that the automation of underwriting will start small and slowly grow to larger deals. Fincos are having great success generating new assets but when the credit commitments exceed $100mm you still need the human touch. Also, think about regulation, do you believe the... 50 3 months 17 hours
I had an two offers in IB groups - one internally...I had an two offers in IB groups - one internally and one at a boutique. Didn't really want to work the extra hours to be honestl (self awareness is important in finance). I also had an offer to do FP... 50 3 months 17 hours
Mostly assisting with pitching and active...Mostly assisting with pitching and active mandates. Mandates for my group are typically left lead loan or bond deals. The home runs are underwritten M... 50 3 months 17 hours
Yes, plenty of solid corporate banking groups...Yes, plenty of solid corporate banking groups recruit from top 15 MBAs. I would just recommend going to school in same genral geography you'd like to work post-grad. I would not recommend going too far past 20 in the MBA rankings however. 50 3 months 17 hours
Analyst for 2.5 years. Early promote to Associate...1. Analyst for 2.5 years. Early promote to Associate mainly bc I was tagged to a top notch MD who vouched for me. Now I've been an associate for two years and up for early promote again. This time it's mainly because I've taken it upon myself to do the job of a VP and I asked for the promotion. If... 50 3 months 18 hours