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WTF California ....... WTFSo I hit up the La Brea Tar Pits this past weekend when a friend was in town and we were looking for some cheap tourisity stuff to do. I hadn't been to the Tar Pits since grade school so I thought it would be kind of cool to go and it should only cost a couple of dollars if that. Well I get... 44 9 months 2 weeks
Has anyone here successfully jumped from the US...I am getting to the point in my life where I am wanting to ditch the States for a few years and move to Europe or Asia, however I dont want to take a step back in my current career in real estate. Has anyone had any success moving to Europe or Asia and being able to find a job in Real Estate... 5 1 year 5 months
Do you get an ownership percentage of the deals...I am negotiating my contract now. I wanted to see if those who are working on the acquisition and development of projects are getting a piece of the deals they work on. If so, what title do you have, what level of experience, whats the deal size, how much are you getting, and how is it... 13 1 year 8 months
Developers / General Contractors - how much is...Curious to know what is being charged in the market right now for supervision (general conditions) and overhead for ground up multi family developments. 3 1 year 11 months
How do you source net lease build to suit...Hey I have an equity partner who is interested in parking his money in net lease build to suits for strong credit tenants. My experience in development has been mainly focused on multi family or mixed use, not net lease deals. Does anyone here have experience sourcing these types of deals? 8 2 years 2 weeks
What websites, newsletters, literature, etc do...I am tired of the fluff pieces on real estate where real estate is always going up and with only watching 3 episodes on HGTV your grandma can flip a 20 unit apartment building with 0% down. Market reports from brokerage firms, articles on Reuters and Forbes, etc are all just mouth pieces for... 62 3 weeks 2 days
What is the real estate market doing in your area...Curious to see what some of you think the future holds for real estate in the coming years. I am finally at a point in my career where I am comfortable purchasing a house or condo in Southern California, however I am cautious due to prices creeping toward the 2007 highs. My gut is telling me that... 8 3 years 2 weeks
Underwriting large commercial real estate... 1 1 year 12 months
US Securities Industry and Finance is booming......From the wsj: [quote]The U.S. securities industry is booming—just not on Wall Street. Smaller cities around the nation have emerged as unlikely hives of financial-services hiring, thanks to lower wages, municipal-tax incentives and the misfortunes of older hubs that are home to companies... 3 5 years 1 month
Your Life Crisis At 25 - I think quite a few... 94 1 year 12 months


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This board seems to always claim that these start...This board seems to always claim that these start up IPOs are overpriced. And it seems to always be wrong. (FB really rings a bell here..I remember the board freaking out at a $38 open). Im a BUY 30 1 year 16 hours
the "little" guy? How are these unions (some of...the "little" guy? How are these unions (some of the most powerful lobbying force) considered the 'little' guy. How about the small business owners and private sector workers who have to pay for the 'little' guys to cheat the system? $110,000 a year avg PENSION for 30 years of work? Are you... 96 1 year 1 day
City of San Fran -- WTF? (Originally Posted: 06/...City of San Fran -- WTF? (Originally Posted: 06/20/2011) Well, Im glad that the extra 4% I pay on everything in the city of San Fran is going to the likes of this: 96 1 year 1 day
nmnm 136 1 year 2 months
nmnm 136 1 year 2 months
nmnm 136 1 year 2 months
nmnm 136 1 year 2 months
nmnm 136 1 year 2 months
nmnm 136 1 year 2 months
I think there is a lot of benefit to interning...I think there is a lot of benefit to interning with a construction company. It is very important and a big help to understand this business from the side of construction. A lot of development guys dont understand that. If you have some construction experience from a PM or Super perspective, its... 10 1 year 2 months