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E&Y Business Advisor Program interview for...I have an upcoming 2nd round interview at E... 29 1 year 11 months
Trader steps on secretary's boob, says...Truth is truly stranger than fiction. A drunken Wall Street exec grabbed a secretary on the trading floor and proceeded to dance with her. When she pushed him off of her, she fell to the floor, at which point he put his size 14 foot on her breast and pressed down while he pumped his fists in the... 7 8 years 1 month
A real baller trader - from phone to PorscheI know theres a lot of you out there wanting to be traders, desperately gobbling up anything and everything you can find to appear as if you have an understanding of how the markets work at those interviews...well fellas, guess what - trading is not about regurgitating LIBOR rates in front of a... 11 7 years 11 months
So Citi bankers hate curves?No, not the kind you plot in axes. Apparently Citi fired a young woman named Debrahlee Lorenzana, who is filing a lawsuit because she says they fired her coz she's too hot. Apparently, Lorenzana was told "she should not wear classic high-heeled business shoes, as this purportedly drew... 83 8 years 3 months
Best cities for valuation/transaction advisoryI'm going into a masters in accounting program at one of the top 10 programs. My primary goal is landing a job in valuation or transaction advisory within the Big4 firms, and if that doesn't work out, then audit. I need to start thinking about city preferences ASAP. I'm located on the east coast... 3 8 years 4 months
AAPL at $1000 next year? Time to buyI'm a little surprised that the WSJ of all publications, endorsed a completely clueless columnist who thinks that the iPad "probably does not use the Windows OS" to come on camera and make ridiculous predictions. 19 8 years 5 months
WSO members: someone save the Banana manToday's WSJ reports the predicament of Banana man Ken Bannister, who's going bananas because he cant sell his bananas. His International Banana Club and Museum is being evicted from his town, and nobody wants to put him up or buy his collection. The guy can't even get $7500 on ebay for a... 3 8 years 6 months
Which banks are still sponsoring H1B visas?I'm looking to start a 1-yr masters program this summer, and I'm thinking of starting to reach out to alums in IBD. I'm an international student, so I'll need H1B sponsorship. I understand that the banks that received TARP money have major hurdles towards hiring foreign students, but if the money... 62 2 years 1 month
Anyone here using OptionsHouse?I have an account with Sogotrade, but I'm not too impressed with their speed of executing trades, also not a fan of the interface. I heard a lot about OptionsHouse. According to a ranking methodology by Barron's, OH got a total score of 4.0 where as Sogotrade got a 3. Here is a link: http... 3 8 years 7 months
MAcc - need help to decide: UNC, BC or WFU?Ok so heres the deal. Im interested in IB, and I decided to go for a one year masters in accounting to get another chance at recruiting (went to a liberal arts for undergrad). I felt accounting was a good choice because even if I don’t make it to banking, or if I do banking and end up hating it, I... 27 8 years 7 months


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Edmundo - thanks for the heads up. I'll pick up a...Edmundo - thanks for the heads up. I'll pick up a copy one of these days. 196 3 months 2 weeks
opinions < facts.opinions < facts. 115 7 months 2 weeks
Heres what you do. Call up the schools that were...Heres what you do. Call up the schools that were recommended to you on the other thread, talk to their career services people and ask them directly for IB placement stats. Stop listening to random comments on this thread and go straight to the source. 115 7 months 2 weeks
@CNB90 you don't need to catch up on the latest...@CNB90 you don't need to catch up on the latest credit news to figure out where bonds will be headed in the next few years. @ Billy Ray - if you're looking to invest long term, do the sensible thing and construct your own portfolio with index funds. Ask yourself how much risk you can bear, and... 145 1 year 1 week
^ not to mention that costs are higher than NY....^ not to mention that costs are higher than NY. Although with the USD-GBP exchange rate right now, I'm not sure which would come out ahead. Since you have a SA position, maybe you can talk to some people in your group or the MD and ask for their opinions too? If money is not a consideration, I'... 348 2 years 11 months
I'm also curious to know. It seems to me that a...I'm also curious to know. It seems to me that a lot of the skill set and experience from a TAS background could be directly applied to IBD. CDOMonkey - I will be applying for Big4 TAS positions, and I'd like to ask some questions. If you're willing to spend a couple of minutes in giving me some... 27 4 years 4 months
hilarious.hilarious. 48 4 years 6 months
become a DJ. its not too hard these days.become a DJ. its not too hard these days. 56 5 years 5 months
Telephonic? You sure its not a telepathic...Telephonic? You sure its not a telepathic interview? 75 5 years 6 months
Does anyone know anything of Schwab/E-trade's...Does anyone know anything of Schwab/E-trade's research tools? 168 5 years 7 months