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Breaking into Banking is NOT Like Applying to...Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 1/14/13. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. I have seen a ton threads like "Chance Me", "Can I get a job at GS with these credentials", and a ton of retarded stuff in the main SA thread. Listen,... 119 2 years 1 month
Living on a McDonalds Wage: Their Projected... Is this actually possible? A guy in another article to this said that in order to reach those income levels you would have to work 40 hours at McDonalds and approximately 35-40 hours at another job, based... 14 4 years 7 months
[email protected]#K APPLEHad some valuable in-the-money calls at the beginning of last week. Was going to sell them this Wednesday. And then this shit happens. Fuck. 15 5 years 1 month
How often do new analysts get the group they want?Do most get their first choice? Second? Third? How often do you get put into a group that you didn't want to be in at all? Is it a factor of how well you do in training (I know networking with current group members is the biggest factor)? 7 5 years 1 month
am i the only one who would never want to work at.... 16 2 years 1 month
Evercore FT IBDAnyone get an interview or call back from them yet for the NY office? 4 5 years 5 months
Does the difficulty of the interview vary...Lets say your resume was passed along to a bank by a baller MD who you have a good connection with. Would they go easier on you than someone who had an interview just by applying through OCR? What if you are from a non-target and applied through the website or cold called to get an interview?... 9 5 years 5 months
I go to a Target and there is only 1 BB...Shit is not looking good. There are a few no name banks recruiting but no reputable places. 16 5 years 6 months
When's the last time you cried?After 51 years, and tumultuous ups and downs, Mets fans finally have a reason to be happy. Johan Santana, a 33 year old pitcher coming off major shoulder surgery, threw the first no hitter in NY Mets history. It took him a career high 134 pitches, but he put his balls to the wall and it was the... 37 5 years 8 months
How to know if you're @$$-kissing?If you're an intern who is trying hard to make a good first impression, show you're hard working, how do you know if you're being perceived as an ass-kisser by the other interns or superiors? I have heard that no one likes people who suck up but where's the line between being hard working and... 8 5 years 8 months


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I would totally hire a guy who parroted back to...I would totally hire a guy who parroted back to me a pitch he read on VIC 1 1 year 2 months
CS healthcare in SF is very strong. They are a...CS healthcare in SF is very strong. They are a sweatshop though. PE placement is pretty outstanding from what I've heard. 98 1 year 3 months
60-65 hours 99% of the time with no weekends ever...60-65 hours 99% of the time with no weekends ever. Long days during the week though 53 1 year 3 months
There are no such thing as perks in investment...There are no such thing as perks in investment banking. If you call cabs home at 3am, sad soggy in-office seamless meals, and a metro card "perks" then you should reevaluate things 81 1 year 6 months
Yes they all provide these...but I wouldn't...Yes they all provide these...but I wouldn't consider getting your dinner paid for because you stayed until 11pm a "perk". A perk would be getting out at 5pm. Who really cares if your office pays for your $12 it that important? 17 1 year 9 months
I'm stating this as more of a question...I don't...I'm stating this as more of a question...I don't believe this. It just came out wrong. 281 1 year 10 months
Does getting a buyside gig out of undergrad...Does getting a buyside gig out of undergrad eliminate the excitement/goal? (Originally Posted: 06/21/2011) If you get a job at a hedge fund or in private equity right out of college, you no longer have the need to work for something. That is your life and there is no "what's next". So, what do you... 281 1 year 10 months
Culture should be first on your list. Unless you'...Culture should be first on your list. Unless you're at PJT/a few groups at GS/a few groups at MS then you're basically put into the same giant group by the recruiters when resumes are sent over. Going to work everyday and not being miserable is far more important than having a 2% better chance of... 3 1 year 11 months
this question has never been answered beforethis question has never been answered before 158 2 years 1 week
what is a noval?what is a noval? 46 2 years 2 months