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Ten links at tenI’m feeling a little under the weather monkeys, so instead of my usual rant, I figured I’ll just give you guys a little weekend reading. Hope you like it. Enjoy. • The Rotten Heart of Finance (The Economist) – probably the best article about the LIBOR scandal so far. Anyone think Barclays is... 2 5 years 5 months
Can we really “have it all?”With almost 9,000 comments, 375,000 recommendations, and 11,000 tweets, Amy Chua’s lengthy diatribe against American-style parenting might be one of the most-read articles on the internet. A recent piece in The Atlantic however, seems to be giving Chua a run for her money. In a record-breaking,... 23 5 years 5 months
France to clamp down on layoffsKeeping up with unemployment is a bitch, but somehow, everybody seems to have their own way of handling it. Take Iceland for instance, after letting their banks fail, they devalued the Krona, slapped on harsh capital controls, and saw their unemployment rate drop to 5.6%. Germany meanwhile slashed... 11 5 years 6 months
Can the BRICS make up for the PIIGS?Ever since the Euro crisis began, headlines around the world have been predicting nothing but full on gloom and doom to fall upon us. 4 years into it, the stakes are higher, and the fear-mongering has become worse. Some people however, are saying not to sweat it: [quote]Growth in BRICS... 10 5 years 6 months
Gold: Buy, Sell, or Hold?Gold may have blown away stocks, bonds, and practically ever other risk asset for the past few years, but if you were late to the party, chances are you got shafted pretty bad - in May alone it dropped 6%. With yesterday’s climb however, goldbugs and skeptics have fueled debate once again.... 22 5 years 6 months
Hedge Funder on dating: “the dumber the girl, the...It’s Saturday, monkeys. And while I normally regale you with my highly ineffectual wrap ups at this time, this piece from BI has compelled me to write about something a little different… Let’s talk about chicks, man. Some of you guys may know that Business Insider is on the hunt for Wall... 33 1 year 6 months
Compensation, EU StyleI never knew these guys could be so creative. [quote]Shareholders should have the power to curb bosses' pay and set caps on executive bonuses, the European Union's top regulatory official said on Wednesday, adding to pressure on banks and companies over excessive management pay deals. The... 9 5 years 7 months
lightweight eyeglasses?Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my old glasses with something a little more lightweight... Any brand suggestions? Been looking at Silhouettes but I've been getting mixed reviews, couple friends of mine say they're the best while another's been telling me to treat them like the plague (too flexible... 8 5 years 7 months
WSO cribs: Beach House EditionWe’ve seen their New York homes as well as their Hamptons getaways, now it’s time to take a peek where our 1% goes to for some serious R... 19 5 years 7 months
The weekend wrapup 4.28.2012Americas: • DJIA +1.5%, S&P 500 +1.8%, NASDAQ +2.3% • Another month, another FOMC statement and Q&A. This month’s however was pretty meh; little has changed since the March meeting and aside from the Bernank saying that he’ll scramble the choppers when shit hits the fan, there’s barely... 4 1 year 6 months


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chewingum: So the question really is what's the...[quote=chewingum]So the question really is what's the probability that there will be 3 more of the first card in the remaining 12 face down[/quote] Missing this speaks volumes of my attention to detail lol Sorry OP, hope it wasn't that important... 192 1 year 8 months
Not a math major either but I agree with drexelNot a math major either but I agree with drexel 192 1 year 8 months
Does hitting the gym twice a week really work for...Does hitting the gym twice a week really work for you guys? I mean do you actually get results from it? Seems a little too infrequent for me but shit with banker hours that's better than nothing I guess. 118 2 years 3 months
LLcoolJ: some guy over at gmatclub got into...[quote=LLcoolJ]some guy over at gmatclub got into INSEAD (and Oxford) with a 1.8 GPA. he had a pretty good story though (started undergrad at 16 or someshit...)[/quote] funny coz I was just reading about him there, he had a 760 GMAT plus a good story. I'm not sure but I think I've seen a guy... 331 2 years 4 months
Great thread short, was just starting to look...Great thread short, was just starting to look into this. 331 2 years 4 months
OP, imagine yourself in 30 years, what do you see...OP, imagine yourself in 30 years, what do you see yourself doing? That said, jumping to finance from med is easier while finance to med is almost impossible. 142 2 years 4 months
Hell no, this will sound really douchey but the...Hell no, this will sound really douchey but the reality is most just volunteer for a couple of days then make it sound like a big deal on their resume (At least those that I know). EC work could be anything really, like any sport/art/whatever clubs you go to. Check out the resume books in this... 64 2 years 6 months
Nikkisixx: Bumping an old thread, but when...[quote=Nikkisixx]Bumping an old thread, but when people mention their post-college "extracurriculars", what does that entail?[/quote] It mostly entails stuff like volunteer work or other "save the world/cure cancer" type deals, B-schools love those in their applicants and sometimes view it as a... 64 2 years 6 months
Yeah, seen this on both directions as well...Yeah, seen this on both directions as well particularly in the larger funds. I think Tudor even has a VC fund if I'm not mistaken. Posting solid returns is getting harder and harder nowadays even for the top shops so they're looking for other areas to exploit. 363 2 years 7 months
GoodBread: All jokes aside, do any firms...[quote=GoodBread]All jokes aside, do any firms stateside focus on commodity or STIR futures? It seems like almost all those firms either do options or scalp equities.[/quote] Bump for this 543 3 years 2 months