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I got a job!It took long enough but I got a job as a biotech associate at a reputable firm. So far I love it. I wanted to share my perspectives on the process but the board is dominated by undergrads looking for BB opportunities and people who don't even come close to my sector. If that's not you, send me a... 8 6 years 9 months
First people in the officeAre ER analysts and associates always the firsts ones in the office every morning? If so, what time? It seems that they have to prep before briefing traders and obviously that has to be done well before market hours 11 6 years 10 months
WhiningJust whining a bit. I applied to an ER associate position within my specialty and got feedback about a week later. They want my grades, GRE, and even SAT scores. I've been out of college ten years and have a PhD in the field they're looking for. Maybe it's arrogant to think so, but really...... 14 6 years 11 months
Penalty for overshooting?Curious on people's thoughts on this one. While looking for experienced hire positions at a consulting firm which will remain nameless, I found a somewhat vague description among the current openings that turned out to be for a case team leader position. I applied even though I'm under qualified... 3 6 years 11 months
Overreaching with applicationsI've come across positions advertised at two separate consulting firms that might be a reach for me to apply to, but it's a borderline situation that could go either way. Normally, I would apply in a heartbeat and hope for the best, but I've heard way too much talk about lockout periods for me to... 6 6 years 11 months
McKinsey application processHopefully this is helpful to applicants. I just concluded the third and final round of interviews for an associate summer internship at McKinsey and thought I would share my experiences and thoughts on the process. First a few disclaimers. 1-I didn't get an offer. 2-This will be applicable to... 13 6 years 11 months
Post-bonus hiringI'm assuming that many bonuses have been paid out by this time of year so my question is has there been a lot of turnover in ER offices (especially healthcare/biotech for personal reasons) now that people have taken the money and ran. I haven't seen a lot of positions advertised, but then again, I... 3 7 years 5 days
LEK life science specialistDoes anybody know any specifics on the Life Science Specialist positions at LEK. It seems like an interesting entry point to the consulting world for PhDs and MDs, but they don't exactly have page after page of details on their site. 7 years 1 week
How did people find out about positions?I'm hoping this is a unique post since I haven't found one that answers this question exactly, but here it goes. How did everybody find out about the positions they've either interviewed for or were actually hired? Was it through standard job postings, school recruiting, networking, blackmail... 10 7 years 3 weeks
job application feedbackI'm working towards switching careers from biomedical research to equity research and feel a little lost. The lack of feedback throughout the application process is frustrating but understandable given how many people apply for the same jobs. Does anybody have any advice on how to learn from... 8 7 years 3 months


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The beta of the company is published so that's...The beta of the company is published so that's not a problem. It's been around for a while but just hasn't been profitable since their income is limited, while their costs for research and development are high. I'm going to do my best to estimate the revenue and cash flow based on estimates of... 76 3 years 5 months
ERguy, thanks. My market model will most likely...ERguy, thanks. My market model will most likely be off but i'm using this more as an exercise in demonstrating that i've made an attempt to learn some modeling 76 3 years 5 months
valuing methodology for biotech (Originally...valuing methodology for biotech (Originally Posted: 01/10/2011) I'm trying to model a situation where a biotech company has negative revenue for the past few years but has a billion dollar blockbuster drug in the works that has a very high chance of getting FDA approval early this year. To... 76 3 years 5 months
found this from a few years ago but it seems the...found this from a few years ago but it seems the industry has changed in many ways, possibly in terms of schedules too for all i know /forums/equity-research-culture 11 6 years 10 months
This reminds me that I should get around to...This reminds me that I should get around to studying for Level II now that it's almost April 9 6 years 11 months
I went all the way to the PhD level in Biochem...I went all the way to the PhD level in Biochem and had applied to McKinsey through the APD program cold with no networking. They seem to have overlooked my 3.2 undergrad GPA in an engineering discipline from a target school. In other words, spend five years in grad school hating life and you'll... 18 6 years 11 months
On an slightly related tangent, how much do you...On an slightly related tangent, how much do you think GPA carries over if you've gone to graduate school? 18 6 years 11 months
Stay away from my job >:( Just kidding, let...Stay away from my job >:( Just kidding, let the best man win 2 6 years 11 months
Thread hijack here Say you're entering at the MBA...Thread hijack here Say you're entering at the MBA level but not with an MBA. Say you're coming in with a PhD...hypothetically. Let's also say that you've received an offer from a boutique that is about 10k lower than a top tier that you're currently interviewing with, but have yet to receive an... 19 6 years 11 months
Haha, that was perfectHaha, that was perfect 14 6 years 11 months