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How I got a 770 on the GMAT . . ....First, shout out to @phantombanker" for his original work "How I got a 770 on the GMAT with minimal effort while working banking hours" which I attempted to pay homage to with the post title. ### Introduction **Re: This Post** This post applies mostly to the Quant section of the GMAT,... 77 4 weeks 1 day
Opinions on TWTR Buyout?As you probably have heard, Twitter has put itself up for sale, with Google, Microsoft, Disney, and Salesforce among potential suitors. The stock has run up quite a bit in the past month on speculation of a buyout, but is down 20% today (trading just under $20 right now) on rumors that Google and... 2 1 year 3 months
Is this resume with decorative border and photo...I think it adds something but let me know. Just kidding. But seriously I got SB's locked and loaded for helpful comments. 8 5 years 7 months
GPA Doctoring QuestionMy overall GPA is 3.3, with my major gpa being negligibly higher. My resume reads "Major in Finance with Minor in Asian Studies" I have put "Finance GPA: 3.66" above overall GPA, and this is an accurate calculation of my GPA for all of the finance courses I've taken (those starting with FIN on... 11 5 years 7 months
What's all this ConnectCubed ish all about?Saw it on M & I and signed up on their website Any thoughts whether this thing works? 2 5 years 7 months
Absolute Joke of a ResumeI just had this resume edited by someone "qualified". The font was changed from Times new Roman to Calibri - I think that it is somewhat unprofessional. So any font suggestions are appreciated. FYI, I'm interested in banking, corp. finance, and especially ER. Anyway, let me know what you think... 16 5 years 11 months
How Do I Get To China???Background: I am a senior about to graduate in 2012 from a non target. I have a 3.4 GPA and two internships in China, one with a boutique and the other with a small consulting firm. I could not work there after graduation, as they are very client focused and I would have to be extremely fluent in... 5 6 years 2 months
Phone Interview - Super ShortSo I just had a phone interview with a major bank for a Capital Markets Analyst position. Was supposed to last 30 minutes, lasted only 15. Interviewer just asked a few questions, why this position, why this bank, what do you know about it. Then I asked a couple of questions. Unfortunately I feel... 7 6 years 3 months
Take this resume to poundtown... So I am a rising senior at a non-target (still a decent school though). I've been trying to network and have some phone chats set up. With my low GPA (3.3 from a non-target) I realize without networking I probably won't make it through screening. But my experience is OK I just don't know if I... 18 6 years 6 months
Infiltratrating Career Fairs That Are Not At Your...So I go to a non-target where banks only recruit for MO or BO positions. There are a couple of target schools in my area that I'm sure banks recruit for IB and S... 11 6 years 6 months


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Got a 47 on Verbal (99th percentile) when I got...Got a 47 on Verbal (99th percentile) when I got the 770. Prior exams ranged from 94th percentile to 98th percentile. So I did hit the high end of my range on Verbal on my last exam. Frankly I don't think my Verbal necessarily "improved" across exams . . . maybe I got a little more familiar with... 77 1 week 1 day
Also Olaf has some bangers:Also Olaf has some bangers: 48 3 weeks 3 days
I unfortunately have never seen them live. None...I unfortunately have never seen them live. None of my friends nor my wife wanted to come with me to see them at Gillette last year :( I don't mind Hardwired at all, although it is crazy (and understandable) how much Hetfield's voice has changed over the years. 48 3 weeks 3 days
Have you listened to the classic stuff? Kill'em...Have you listened to the classic stuff? Kill'em All, Ride the Lightening, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All = GOAT albums 48 1 month 1 day
How many more forums are you going to post this...How many more forums are you going to post this to??? 29 1 month 3 weeks
Never heard of a Z-J eh?Never heard of a Z-J eh? 25 2 months 1 week
It's certainly suspect - the group has a clear...It's certainly suspect - the group has a clear agenda. You must at least acknowledge there is a significant chance the study was biased in some way, no? 265 4 months 4 days
Indeed I did. "Huffington Post" put my BS...Indeed I did. "Huffington Post" put my BS detector on high alert (as would Breitbart etc.), which was confirmed after looking at that study . . . I mean c'mon. 265 4 months 4 days
Linking to the Huffington Post? Can't expect...Linking to the Huffington Post? Can't expect people to take you seriously with that my man . . . 265 4 months 4 days
You'll find the culprit all the way down at the...You'll find the culprit all the way down at the bottom of the thread . . . 51 4 months 1 week