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Networking with bankers at bank that did not make...I am about to start an MSF program. Last year, I had a few FT interviews that did not pan out. 100% of them came from networking and people pushing my resume. I have kept an ongoing relationship with some of these bankers, but not all of them. Would it be appropriate to reach out to all of them,... 1 4 years 11 months
Mergers & Inquisitions for consulting?Mergers & Inquisitions is generally the website people interested in IB are directed to. Is there such a website geared towards MC? 3 4 years 12 months
Need advice about current internshipI received several offers for a spring internships and chose an unpaid one at a boutique because, unlike the paid internships, the unpaid one was supposed to involve deal experience, which I thought would be good to get in before I start an MSF in the summer or fall. Since starting in early... 9 5 years 3 weeks
Do I stand a chance at getting into LBS MiM?I am planning to apply to several US MSF programs, but really like what I have been hearing about LBS MiM degree. Do I stand a chance of getting in? -accounting/finance double major from US non-target -3.62 GPA -two boutique IB internships -fluent in German and German citizen (I believe this... 5 5 years 4 months
Letter of recommendations for MSF programsI plan on applying to five programs (WUSTL, Wake, Duke, Nova, Vandy). That should be about ten letters of recommendation that I need. Would you suggest finding ten different people or would a lesser number (even two) suffice? 7 5 years 4 months
Greenhill FT interview next weekI have a phone interview with Greenhill early next week. I networked with an MD and vice president, who got me the interview. I go to a non-target. From searching WSO, I see that Greenhill tends to be very technical. I have the WSO and M... 32 1 month 2 weeks
Where can I find a bank's recent...When networking with bankers, I like to be able to talk about their recent transactions, but many banks do not list any on their websites and Google is not much help either when it comes to boutiques and MM banks. Is there a website where M&A among other deals is mentioned? 1 5 years 6 months
Help needed with nontarget resumeAny help would be appreciated. Thank you! Link here 10 5 years 7 months
When would you send your resume to contacts at...When would you send your resume to contacts at banks for FT recruiting? 2 5 years 8 months
What networking approach is too aggressive?Some people advocate an aggressive approach to networking including following up around ten times if you get no reply, always making requests for what you want, etc. For those of you in the industry, is that too aggressive? If you get no reply to a cold e-mail, should you follow up until you... 11 3 years 10 months


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So, which grade are you in?So, which grade are you in? 64 10 months 2 weeks
For those of you who do not like Charlotte, what...For those of you who do not like Charlotte, what do you not like about it? 138 1 year 1 month
Whatever you do, avoid the "do it on your own"...Whatever you do, avoid the "do it on your own" version of Training the Street. It is not very good. 95 1 year 9 months
For a list of IBs, take a look at this thread:...For a list of IBs, take a look at this thread: /forums/searching-for-a-summer-internship?quicktabs_2=0 Just reach out to as many people as you can. I have found that analysts and associates are more likely to respond, maybe because they are closer to your age... 144 1 year 11 months
NorthSider, for a second year analyst, you sure...NorthSider, for a second year analyst, you sure have a lot of time to spend arguing with random people about an operating system. Who cares? Both Windows and Mac will suffice for anything that you do in college. I went with Mac because I had a bad experience with Vista, but plan on going back... 86 1 year 11 months
I am assuming the above posters are all URM lol...I am assuming the above posters are all URM lol If being URM did not matter, schools would not tout their percentages the way they do. No one is talking about under-qualified candidates. I am sure the OP was referring to URM who are qualified, but not as qualified as whites or Asians are. In... 95 2 years 2 months
Superday advice needed (Originally Posted: 09/17/...Superday advice needed (Originally Posted: 09/17/2012) I have an upcoming superday with Wells Fargo. Could anyone please give me some advice? Thank you in advance :) 63 2 years 3 months
Thank you for the advice. How long should this...Thank you for the advice. How long should this stock pitch last? Do I need to memorize a bunch of multiples or would a brief explanation with reasoning suffice? 63 2 years 3 months
Thank you for the help. How important do you...Thank you for the help. How important do you think the "pitch me a stock" question is? 63 2 years 3 months
Advice for first superday (Originally Posted: 01/...Advice for first superday (Originally Posted: 01/22/2012) I am from a non-target and have my first superday this coming week with a MM IB. I have been going over WSO's fit and technical guides and looking at Mergers and Inquisitions. Is there anything else that I can do to prepare?... 63 2 years 3 months